Winter shop update

February 20, 2012 by Lauren

Mmm. We love finding new and awesome handmade items!

Also, we love finding great vintage furniture pieces for displaying those handmade goods!

And we’ve done a lot of “finding” lately! Here’s some new items and displays we got in January and February:

lovely tea towels

awesome shirts

a socktopus! (a sock octopus!)
plus DIY kits to make your own socktopus!

translucent cups with dots, numbers, and letters. soo pretty when held up to the light!

reusable sandwich bags – now with awesome patterns!

grackle oil paintings on 12×12 wood panels

baby tie onesies. i know you’re dying over these!

fun bunting for the windows (made out of an old window sign that we cut up and painted!)

josiah and lauren doing some gardening – gotta make the front of the shop look nice for spring!

handmade items are a girl’s best friend – this is our new window display! wood and chalkboard paint… so we can easily change what’s written!

an AMAZING piece we just aquired on saturday – lots of bright yellow gym lockers!
also, we got that awesome dressing table with the mirror. vintage and soo cool.

and lastly – if you say “gullible” slowly, it sounds like “oranges” this is our new window display as of february 20th. teehee

and of course, there’s many other new things around the shop… but that’s a taste of everything for you! especially those of you not in austin! (interested in something you see here but not in austin? send us an email – [email protected] and we’ll see if we can help you out!)



  1. Cleci says:

    i am certainly going to bookmark this page in case i need your help in the future. thanks again!

  2. Giant Sis says:

    OMG. I NEED a socktopus! :)

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