March 6, 2012 by Lauren

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! Click on “GIVEAWAY” at the top to see our current giveaway!

Ok. So. It’s time for a giveaway. Yesterday we had 10,900 unique visitors on our blog. First, thanks to everyone for reading our blog! Second, we want to give everyone the opportunity to win something AWESOME. So we’re having a GIVEAWAY!

You could win one of our ever-so-popular cantaloupe bowls. You know you’ve been eying them and totally want one!


You want to win that bowl, you say? Great. I have some options for how you can enter to win: (Do option 1, option 3, or all of them! Do one option, you receive one entry. Do two options, you receive two entries. And so on…)

-Option 1: Sign up for our newsletter in the right hand column. Leave us a comment on this post saying you signed up. We will check :)

-Option 2: Leave us a comment on this post telling us which of our DIY Projects is your favorite!

-Option 3: Leave a comment on that favorite post of yours – stating successes or problems if you did the project, inspirations for another project, how our post made you feel happy, etc. Then leave a comment here that you commented. That’s so redundant but awesome and necessary.

-Option 4: Post a Pin to Pinterest about the contest, and then Post a Pleasing comment HERE that you Posted a Pin to Pinterest. (yes, I did all those P’s on Purpose.)

-Option 5: Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook! Then comment here that you did so.

The giveaway officially ends Tuesday, March 13th, 2012  at 2:00pm central time.


  1. Tara says:

    I just found your website and it is awesome and full of great ideas and projects. Just signed up for your newsletter!

  2. Katie says:

    LOVE that bowl! I just signed up for your newsletter– love all the goodies and ideas you’ve got on your site :)

  3. Kelly says:

    I signed up for the newsletter AND I love the branch curtain rod tutorial (although I hav’nt tried it yet but plan to!)

  4. lucy says:

    I really love that bowl! I wish it would be a set of 4! The DIY I found very interesting was the growing the green onions in water, I can’t wait to try it out!

  5. lucy says:

    posted the giveaway on Pinterest too !

  6. Carrie Schneider says:

    I repinned your giveaway pin on pinterest!!!

  7. Rosalyn Drew says:

    I signed up for your newsletter. I’m new to your site and looking and bookmarking all the neat things I want to try. Thanks.

  8. Rosalyn Drew says:

    I think my favorite DIY is the liquid soap tute.

  9. Cassie says:

    Just signed up for your newsletter!

  10. Cassie says:

    Just repinned your giveaway on Pinterest!

  11. Cassie says:

    Really like the DIY air freshner! Looks really easy and very affordable.

  12. Mariah says:

    The DIY room freshener is awesome! Probably my current favorite, although I have a lot more to look through!

  13. Mariah says:

    I commented on my other favorite DIY, the green onions. Such a great idea!

  14. Mariah says:

    I posted a pleasing pin to pinterest!

  15. danielle says:

    I joined the newsletter :)

  16. danielle says:

    I love the salt container redo with the mason jar. Now i can’t wait to get rid of all the salt in it’s container! LOL

  17. danielle says:

    I left a comment on the DIY spice shaker

  18. danielle says:

    I pinned the give-a-way to pinterest

  19. danielle says:

    posted it to my facebook page :)

  20. sheril says:

    I love your blog and cant wait to start reading your email as well

  21. Amy says:

    I shared the link on facebook :)

  22. Laurie says:

    Love the bowl! Shared it on Pinterest, signed up for the email. Presently trying growing the green onions in water, and have done the room fresheners with baking soda and essential oils. Live this site-great ideas!

  23. Tricia says:

    I signed up for your emails!

  24. Tricia says:

    I love the air freshener DIY!

  25. Amy says:

    also pinned it!

  26. Jennifer P says:

    Well I don’t see the comment I left so I will try again. I am one of the newbies from last night. I found you on Pinterest and fell in love. So I am following you on Pinterest, Facebook, and now the blog. I have posted your giveaway on a special board! The first thing I came across was the homemade laundry soap and went “yes, this is great”. Had a hard time getting off the computer, wanted to see it all!!

  27. Laura Pulliam says:

    Posted to Pinterest! And I LOVE all of the DIY projects!!! (Haven’t tried them yet!)

  28. Lauren Juckniewitz says:

    I posted a pin to pintrest! Hope I win because I love this!

  29. Brittney Henaughan says:

    I signed up!

  30. Ive just come across your site, and im really impressed, keep up the good work

  31. Christina says:

    Just signed up for your newsletter and am excited to see that you are giving away these wonderful bowls. They remind me of summer and being healthy. Love them, whether or not I win.

  32. Christina says:

    Oh, and shared on Facebook!

  33. Melissa says:

    Posted a pin to pinterest! :)

  34. Kara Kelly says:

    Just signed up for your newsletter. :) Your cantaloupe bowl is how I found your site/store in the first place. Love it!

  35. Kim Mallinger says:

    Love the cantaloupe bowls! I pinned it, signed up for the enewsletter and posted on Facebook. Love the blog!!

  36. Kim Mallinger says:

    Commented on the Bobby Pin Container! Love the recycle and easy way to keep track of those bobbies!

  37. Sydney says:

    Just posted to Pinterest… LOVE the design! I have an orange bowl in the same style :)

  38. Sydney says:

    …and just left a comment on your DIY post, “Shave those pills off of your clothes!”

  39. Jenny says:

    I just did all the things! in addition to your DIY spice shaker project, I love the cantaloupe bowl and all the other great ideas from burlap bag – thank you for sharing your creativity :) your website is also neatly organized and easy to navigate.

  40. Sydney says:

    (oh, I guess I should mention too that “Shave those pills off of your clothes!” was my favorite :p )

  41. Jana says:

    I love the bowl! I just posted it on pinterest because i love that it is so life like!

  42. SesaFe says:

    I love your blog. I discovered you a few days ago on Pinterest.
    I just signed up for your newsletter.
    I love your ideas! Crafty and cute, but easy. :)

  43. SesaFe says:

    Just left a comment on your bobby pin post. So easy – so necessary! I have bobby pins EVERYWHERE.

  44. Alison says:

    Awesome blog, I signed up and I love it <3

  45. SesaFe says:

    Posted a positively pleasant pin on pinterest promoting the potential to be presented with this pretty prize. Love the cantaloupe bowl and the the alliteration!

  46. Katelyn says:

    Just repined this on pinterest. LOVE the bowl!!

  47. SarahZomper says:

    Just pinned the amazingly cute bowl! Pick me please! ;)

  48. pamela says:

    signed up for the newsletter!

  49. pamela says:

    that razor on sweaters or whatever is genius!

  50. amy abraham says:

    i absolutely love the cantelope bowls! i would buy 50 of those! Great idea!

  51. Jodie Conley says:

    I signed up for your newsletter!

  52. ANGELA says:

    Great blog!! Just signed up for the newsletter.

  53. Nina says:

    I signed up for the newsletter!

  54. Nina says:

    Your sprinkle ornament DIY is my favorite! So cute!!

  55. Katie Kelly says:

    I pinned a pleasing pin to pintrest :)

  56. Margaret H says:

    I signed up for the News Letter!

  57. Margaret H says:

    I absolutely LOVE the DIY chalkboard spice shaker!!

  58. Margaret H says:

    I commented on the DIY Grow onions in water post!

  59. Lexi says:

    Loved the DIY soap, I added coconut oil and lavender oil to my sensitive skin bars, bet DIY ever!

  60. Lexi says:

    Pinned you guys TWICE! (before I found out about the contest too, lol)

  61. Kristin R says:

    Wow I just found your website and blog. Super great ideas. I have subscribed to get it via email…and now I am entered into the contest! Yes!! Thanks

  62. Djs adelaide says:

    You have written a great site.

  63. jodie says:

    Pinned to Pintarest!

  64. jodie says:

    Posted on Facebook!

  65. Stacey says:

    I posted to facebook and pinit

  66. jodie says:

    My fave DIY project is the chalkboard spice shaker, left my comment!

  67. Carol H says:

    i posted on pinterest, Carolina H. i want this bowl!!!

  68. april l. says:

    Signed up today for your awesome website:)

  69. Jessica says:

    Just posted this on pinterest! I’m so glad I found this site/blog its awesome! :D

  70. Sarah says:

    I signed up for your newsletter…I love this bowl!

  71. Heather says:

    Just signed up for the newsletter. So excited to learn more about TBP!!!

  72. Hilary says:

    I posted a comment on the DIY laundry detergent post!

    Oh, and my very fave DIY blog post here is the spice shaker idea :).

  73. Hilary says:

    P.S. Just signed up for your newsletter, so that’s another entry for me! Yay cantaloupe bowl!

  74. Kayla says:

    I signed up for your newsletter :)

  75. Kayla says:

    My favorite DIY project is the “DIY Decorations – For Free!” Seeing the paper chains reminds me a lot of my childhood. We used to make those ALL the time.

  76. Julie W says:

    Signed up for your newsletter :)

  77. Julie W says:

    My favorite DIY project is the “Grow your own green onions” project. I can’t wait to try it :)

  78. Julie W says:

    Posted a pin on Pinterest :)

  79. Carol says:

    Not only did I sign up for the newsletter, I added the website to my Favorites!! love the ait freshener and Stocking Branch for Christmas…

  80. Debra Lee says:

    I signed up for your Newsletter!

  81. Debra Lee says:

    I love the DIY Spice Shaker. Nedd this for my different salts!

  82. Debra Lee says:

    I shared on Pinterest under Debra Lee!

  83. Debra Lee says:

    Shared on Facebook too!

  84. Stephanie Hankins says:

    Wow, why haven’t we met before! I love your blog! The bowl is spectacular! I will share your page with my crafty friends. Enjoy your day!

  85. Laura says:

    Just signed up for the newsletter!

  86. Hi! I just discovered your website & love love this bowl!! I’ve just pinned it to one of my boards on interest ^o^

  87. Debbie says:

    i absolutely love the handmade liquid soap tutorial, because our family seems to have an abundance of soap bars from all of the travelling and hotel stays. also, i think i’m the only one who actually ever uses these bars of soap for anything. however, my family uses liquid soap like crazy. I love when everything has a purpose. :)

  88. Ronora C says:

    this has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I would love to be in the drawing to win this. How amazing it this?! Super Amazing, is How Amazing it is!! And you are now a Bookmark…The Burlap Bag is a place I want to remember and visit often!

  89. Melanie B says:

    Great website. I just signed up for the newsletter.

  90. Anna Hebel says:

    Just signed up for the newsletter!! Found your website through a post on in.gredients.

  91. Ctrujillo says:

    Love the room freshener idea. Great for a small space because you can choose the intensity.

  92. Angela says:

    I just love the bowl and all your creations I see! I signed up for your newsletter!

  93. missT says:

    I just signed up for the newsletter!

  94. missT says:

    …and my favorite DIY project is growing onions in water. I had done something similar in primary school and Jr high and completely forgotten about it.

  95. Lindsay-Jean says:

    Love that you can grow green onions – that’s my favorite DIY post!

  96. Nicole says:

    I just found your page and I love it, I can’t decide what my favorite project is.

  97. Nicole says:

    Ok, I have posted, pinned, and commented and signed up for your newsletter. I have decided that I like the sprinkle ornaments best and can not wait to make them. I am thinking about using them at my daughters birthday party. Also thinking about making the garland too.

  98. Mia says:

    I have really been enjoying reading through your blog today, which I found via craftgawker. I think my fave DIY post is the green onions in water post. Trying that one immediately! Our family goes through green onions at amazing rates so this tip will save us tons of cash, thanks for posting!

  99. Mia says:

    I just pinned the post on Pinterest (and tweeted it too!), oh and almost forgot, I also subscribed to the newsletter. :)

  100. sharon says:

    i love the homemade laundry soap!

  101. Rosário Sousa says:

    hellooooo! ;D
    Ok…I think i did it all…lol.Sign up for the newsletter,posted on Facebook,on Pinterest,already made it and smells sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!Made the air freshener 4 the 2 bathrooms and kitchen!!!!YES,i made 3 lavander/lime!!!!heeh!wow!!!it smells so good already!!!LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT!!!and guess what i love more…lol.the fact that i only have 24h of pain to know the result of this contest!!!!;D

  102. Joy says:

    Just found your site through pinterest. Love the bowl and thanks for the chance. I love the DIY Room Air Freshener project – something I can actually do! Signed up for newsletter and visiting you on facebook.

  103. Felicia says:

    My favorite DIY is the homemade air freshener with baking soda and essential oil!

  104. Laura Marshall says:

    Such a beautiful bowl. I signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for keeping me in the loop of your great website!

  105. Kimber says:

    I signed up for the newsletter and used my personal e-mail instead of my ‘junk subscription’ hotmail account, I trust you guys not to sell my info :) Plus if you do, how many cantaloupe bowl advertisements could I really get.

  106. Kimber says:

    <3 post by the way, I love it because not only is it semi-sustainable agriculture on your windowsill, but it's too easy!

  107. Laura Marshall says:

    Posted on facebook and pinerest too! Also added a few comments on your blog. I really like the DIY Spice Shaker (I had to make one right away!) and will try out the vegetable broth soon.

  108. Brooke says:

    I signed up for the newsletter :)

  109. Brooke says:

    The air freshener DIY is my FAVE!

  110. I have enjoyed discovering your web site and DIY projects. I went out the same day I saw the DIY air freshener (with baking soda and essential oils) to get supplies, and have since put one in each room around the house. I love it … such a great idea!

  111. Brooke says:

    I left a comment on the Air Freshener DIY post about how I am glad to find a money saving alternative.

  112. Brooke says:

    I posted a pin to pinterest.

  113. Brooke says:

    I posted this giveaway link to my facebook page.

  114. (p.s. I just shared the link to the giveaway on facebook and posted a pin on Pinterest, as well)

  115. Beth Vivian says:

    I just signed up for your email:) I’ve already made the vegetable broth & just started growing my green onions (great idea!) now I’ll never run out of fresh green onions. Thanks!!!

  116. karen franz says:

    i already get the newsletter and the vegetable broth i tried , (havent used it yet, its in the freezer)I have shared your FB posts with friends in and out of state. I just recently visited the store, I LOVE YOUR STUFF ! Would like to see more items in your store.

  117. Hollie Fillmore says:

    I have good cantaloupe karma, I just know I will win this giveaway!!!

  118. Alejandra says:

    thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. i enjoyed well while reading your article

  119. Arthur says:

    Okay! So I subscribed to the newsletter, commented on my favourite post about growing green onions, thus, now claiming my favourite post as the one about growing green onions (because it brought me to this blog). And I’ve posted a link on Facebook. Now if only I have pinterest, I’d be a happy man. I’d be happier if I could win that bowl and eat cereal in it all day long!

  120. Natasha says:

    I love this bowl and your blog!! :) I would love to add this unique bowl to my kitchen :)
    I just signed up for your newsletter!

  121. Debbie says:

    I saw a pin on pinterest about re-growing your green onions. Love that idea. Now looking around your site and enjoying it.

  122. Christine Lucio says:

    My fav DIY is the Use a Tic Tac container as a bobby pin holder! I’m always losing my bobby pins and my fiance finds them in all sorts of places :S

  123. Christine Lucio says:

    Pinnned!!! and Shared on Facebook!! Super excited about potentially winning this super unique bowl!!

  124. carol says:

    What fun, I just happened onto this site today! I had clipped a blurb from the newspaper I don’t know how long ago and just now got around to checking it out. The cantaloupe bowl is the cutest thing ever!

  125. Samantha N says:

    I love the DIY Room Air Freshener! Everytime I walk by it in my house I have to stop and take a deep breath. I signed up for your Newsletter!

  126. April Alonso says:

    I just signed up for your news letter! I found your blog via a picture of this bowl on Pinterest!
    Also, my favorite project was the curtain rod made out of a stick! I have my first ever sewed project hanging proudly from that DIY rod!
    We also kept one to nail to our mantle to hang stockings from come X-mas time!

  127. Yogi says:

    I just signed up for newsletter after going through all your DIY projects and loving everyone of them. I hope to visit you next time I am in Austin. Thanks for sharing and please sign me up for your giveaway cantaloupe bowl.

  128. hallie says:

    green onions growin in water is my fave diy project and i cant wait to try!

  129. Patti says:

    Found you through Pinterest and the jar match holder. I just signed up for your news letter and would love to be entered into your drawing for you so cute bowl.


  130. Marlene says:

    Just found the cantelope bowl! Beautiful!! Just Pinned! ♥

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