MAKE “hard boiled” eggs in the oven!

March 21, 2012 by Lauren

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This is so cool. Yes, I know I always say that. BUT SERIOUSLY, it’s amazing. And WHY HASN’T ANYONE EVER TOLD ME THIS?!

You can BAKE eggs and they will come out exactly (if not better!) like normal hard-boiled eggs.

Yes, I’ve read all those tutorials of “the perfect hard-boiled egg”. They are too time consuming/attention needy for me! “get the water boiling with salt and baking soda and random other ingredient that supposedly helps with peeling. put in the eggs for 96 seconds. then remove it from heat and add the lid for exactly 8.2 minutes.”

Why baking them is awesome:

Stick them in the oven for 30 minutes.  

And that’s it! SO easy. Bake them in the oven at 325-350 degrees for 30 minutes. (depending on your oven. Try one egg at 325 and see how it does!) I put them in mini muffin pans so they don’t wiggle around! (I thought I was super smart for that idea. No, I’m not humble. It was a great idea!)
Then go do something else for 30 minutes. Go get a snow cone, shave your legs, spend way too much time on pinterest (that IS how you found our blog… isn’t it? ha!), nag your husband about ____, make yourself a drink, or whatever it is you do in your free time.

That photo has no purpose. Other than showing off my amazing egg holder. Thank you parents!

NOTE: When you bake eggs, the shells will get little brown dots. (I don’t have photos. I forgot, sue me, yeah yeah) Totally fine! When you soak them in water (read below) the brown spots will all disappear!

After 30 minutes:

Get a huge bowl of ice water. Use tongs and put the eggs in the water. This stops the eggs from cooking more and getting yucky green. After they are cooled, 10ish minutes, you can peel them. Josiah HATES peeling eggs and always cries like a baby about doing it. But HE commented “Lauren this is so easy! Look!” So there. Maybe this way makes them more peelable. No more crying husband. Also, people have said that the yolks are creamier when you bake them and the egg white isn’t as rubbery! Another also, this is perfect for doing lots and lots of bulk egg cooking! My mini muffin tin would fit 24 eggs. No waiting for a HUGE pot of water to boil. Take that, you pot of boiling water.

And check out these eggs. They were all baked in an oven for 30 minutes and look PERFECT!

So go enjoy 30 minutes today while you’re baking some hard boiled eggs. (NOTE. All ovens are different, eggs are different sizes, etc. You might need to go shorter or longer than 30 minutes. Mine were perfect at 30 but do them as YOU like them! I cooked mine at 350 but some people said there’s were too done with that.)

After previewing my draft of this, Josiah said eggcellent. Without meaning to. He says he’s accidentally funny.
Also, do you pronounce it “egg yoke” or “egg yolk”? I’m definitely a YOLK person.  

*edit. I’ve had some people tell me “lauren you’re dumb. this takes longer than boiling them!” YES I KNOW THAT! But… this way is easier for me. Just stick them in for 30 minutes and go do something.

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  1. Natalie says:

    I say YOLK and this is a fabulous idea. I’m definitely going to be baking some eggs soon.

  2. Aimee says:

    I’ve put eggs in the smoker before along side of whatever meat we’re smoking at the time. But I’ve never thought to put them in the oven, nice idea.

    And yeah, I found this through pinterest. :-)

  3. Veronica says:

    Why yes, I DID find this through Pinterest! :) I clicked it b/c I just tried this method last week (thanks to Pinterest of course) but hadn’t thought of using a muffin pan so I had to check it out. So when you peeled your eggs, did the white get spots on them like they do when you put the eggs directly on the oven rack?

  4. velvetelvitron says:

    OooOooOOooH! Amazing! I can’t wait to try this, and as soon as my kids are done being toddlers, I want a fancy egg-holder.
    I say yolk, of course – that’s the word!

  5. viki says:

    Yolk,definitely. Great idea. Must try for Easter.

  6. Norman says:

    Great idea. I’ll have to try it this summer!


  7. Lauren says:

    Veronica – out of our 8 eggs, only ONE had a little brown spot still on it when peeled. :)

  8. Cynthia says:

    It’s the cold water that really makes them peel well. That is how I do boiled eggs to. They go in a ice water bath which makes the interior contract away from the shell. Works like a charm every time…

    But this I will have to try none the less. I like breaking an egg into the muffin tins and baking them too. easy peasy

  9. Velma says:

    Love this … one note – I tried it in the toaster oven, and it takes significantly less time … mine were overcooked at 25 minutes.

  10. Tracy says:

    Pinterest? Oh, yeah.
    What size eggs are these? I found the “baked in the oven” eggs on Pinterest, too, but 30 minutes gave the egg yolks the dreaded green halo. Wondering if I used smaller eggs? I will say they were super easy to peel, though.

  11. Lauren says:

    Oh no, the green halo! Make it stop! Mine were probably large or xtra large… Maybe our oven has a lower temp too. Try a shorter time :)

  12. Kelly G in ATX says:

    My brain=blown. Amazing!!! This will make Easter egg dyeing sooooo much easier this year!

  13. Dana smith says:

    Great to now, especially in a busy kitchen. After many destroyed eggs I found that peeling eggs with a spoon works well, kinda like you would do a kiwi. I always crack them at the larger end and then dip them in the cold water then run the spoon around and ta-da a perfect egg. It saves my hands too :)

  14. AllieMakes says:

    My word! You are funny! Great post! And I DID find you via pinterest. yea, yea…

  15. This is a great idea!! Can’t wait to try it! I love tips like this! And yeah, yeah … I found you on Pintrest! gotta love it!! and most definately YOLK!

  16. Kay Wells says:

    I am seriously challenged when it comes to hard boiling eggs. I’m a good cook but for some reason, I just can’t make good hard boiled eggs!!!! I am SO happy to have stumbled across your amazing method and yes, I found it on Pinterest. So Thanks! Oh, I say YOKE.

  17. Leauna says:

    I can’t wait to try this. I always get asked to make the deviled eggs for a family event. I just hate to peel the shell off bc it always tares my eggs and i want to have perfect eggs. and when you have to make a lot of eggs i end up using two big pots. This seems like a GREAT idea. and i love both parts of the egg

  18. Rhonda says:

    I loved doing eggs this way and peeling was GREAT however all my eggs had brown dots on them. What causes this and can I do something to avoid it?

  19. mary says:

    question: preheat oven or put eggs in a cold oven that heats up around them?

  20. Lauren says:

    Rhonda, possibly by cooking them for less time? Or put them in when the oven isnt quite hot yet. Only one of mine had a little brown dot

  21. Lauren says:

    Mary, my oven had been preheating for 2ish minutes. So…. It was probably at 200ish?

  22. Susan says:

    I’ve never heard of baking eggs before. Fresh eggs just don’t hard boil (well). Anyone know if fresh eggs can be successfully hard boiled by baking? Thanks for the post!

  23. SANDYH50 says:

    Yolk, yolk!! What a great idea, and of course I found this on Pinterest!

  24. Lauren says:

    Susan – my eggs were bought in the past week. How long they were at the grocery store… who knows! Ha!

  25. Mary says:

    What a GREAT idea!!! I can’t wait to try this. And yes, like another post said, you are very funny and entertaining!! This girl says, “Yoke”.

  26. Peggy says:

    Yup. Found you through Pinterest! Your post is hilarious and inspiring! I feel like I can now join the ranks of people who actually know how to cook b/c, seriously, the whole “it’s like boiling an egg” thing was a major FAIL for me! Thank you! :)

  27. Jessica says:

    I am going to have to try this!! But I have a question-how do you know if you’ve baked them long enough? My oven usually takes longer to bake things than the recipe calls for, so I’m a little nervous they won’t be done after 30 minutes.

  28. Lauren says:

    Jessica, if your oven is a lil finicky, you might just hafta do trial and error! Cook one egg, take it out after 30 minutes and see if it’s done. If not, do longer. Then remember that for next time :)

  29. Emily says:

    Great idea…going to turn the oven on now and try this!Thanks too for answering the comment questions…it will help as I test out the oven temp. :)

  30. Emily says:

    OMG…just made & ate my eggs, they were perfect & much easier than a pot of water. I wonder if a silicone muffin tin would eliminate the teenie-tiny brown spots???


    This is a great Idea!!!!!!

  32. DebbieJ says:

    Just in time for Easter!!!! Yay. I am gonna try it, and I hope, hope, hope they peel easier. When I color some it may be pretty with the brown spots, so I am not worried. Love the Burlap Bag by the way…..:)

  33. Lori says:

    I’ve never had a problem boiling eggs (boil 1 min., let sit in hot water for 20 min), but I will definitely try this method … looks like it works especially well for large batches. Thanks!

  34. Jennifer Maier says:

    OMG!!! I’m am going to try it rite now!!! Thanks!!!

  35. Tracy says:

    So you pronounce the L when saying it? I think yolk but say yoke but that is a Utahism like instead of mountain it’s mou’n :)

  36. marystod says:

    Great idea! Have to try tomorrow. BTW, this TX Broadcaster says: ‘Yoke.’ Think the ‘l’ is silent. How would you even pronounce it with the ‘l’ in it? Hmmm?) Isn’t this kinda like the ‘l’ in “clothes?’ ;-)

  37. Virginia says:

    I am going to try this!!

    I boil my fresh eggs. If you heavily salt the water and put them in an ice bath, they Peel easier. :)

  38. marystod says:

    Oops. I meant, it’s like the “th’ in Clothes! Sorry.

  39. Nichole says:

    I’ve always said yolk a very slight “l” sound nestled up against the k (so it sounds more like folk that joke). I’ve not tried this method of making eggs, but it’s on my list of things to try. I arrived here Via Pinterest and now I’m off to see what other goodies you have here.

  40. i just found this via pinterest when i was looking up hard boiled eggs, and see you are in Austin like me…fun! I’m excited to try this!

  41. Jenny says:

    I did this today and it was awesome!!!! It totally worked! I did 24 large eggs at 325 degrees for 30 minutes and they were PERFECT! I made the pickled juice while they were baking!

  42. Verna Lantz says:

    Awesome. I am going to try this with the Easter eggs. Thanks for the idea, and thanks to Pinterest (yep) and I am from Texas, so we say YOKE. Too hard to roll the L for YOLK.

  43. Sar says:

    I’ll have to try this again. I did this te other morning and mine were impossible to peel. My oven is usually warmer then what I set it to, so maybe ill try 315 for 2 minutes or something… but, the part of the eggs I did get peeled were super delicious and tasted way better then boiled eggs.

  44. Heather says:

    Also found on Pinterest. I never would have thought of this. Thank You!

  45. Jenny says:

    I will try this! and yoke…. I don’t pronounce the l…

  46. Sunee says:

    Yolk. But someone was making fun of me for it recently. Dumb “yoke” person.

  47. Sadira says:

    I love learning something new! What a time saver!

  48. Morgan says:

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned, but one of the old farmers in the family told me the secret to easy shelling was to use eggs that were older. Said ours were too fresh and recommended we buy the eggs for Easter two weeks beforehand. Much easier to peel.

  49. Rita says:

    I just spotted this on Pinterest and had to come and see who this genius is. Great idea; snooping around to see what else I can learn here.

  50. Debbie says:

    I say, yoke like joke or yolk like folk either way, you can’t hear the L but please put it in when you spell it. Thanks! Interesting idea, baked “boiled” eggs…lol. Off to check it out.

  51. Hey how did you know I found your blog by spending too much time on pinterest? You been spying on me, missy?!! Great idea, I plan to try it!

  52. Karen says:

    Any thoughts on high altitude baking (7100 ft)?

  53. Just Me says:

    I do Bacon in the oven too. I use a cookie sheet w/ a wire rack in it. 325 for about 15-20 min, comes out perfect every time, no messy frying pan, no BURNT frying pan, no burnt bacon.

    I shall try the eggs too!

  54. Melissa says:

    Love this idea cant wait to do this for Easter!

  55. Debbie says:

    @Karen- Alton Brown (cookbook author/science guy) was the first to propose this method of cooking eggs un his book “I’m Just Here for The Food”. You could check there for altitude info or there are many blogs who reference this recipe who may have insight due to trial and error. good Luck!

  56. Meko says:

    Interesting idea, but I don’t see how 30 minutes of baking is faster than the first method you mentioned? Also, I’m surprised they don’t explode!

  57. Lauren says:

    Meko – it’s definitely not faster, but easier for me! I hate to wait around for water to boil. I can just stick them in and come back in 30 minutes :) plus you can do huge batches!

  58. LM says:

    can you rebake if they havent cooked long enough? i know you can reboil eggs so it maybe makes sense?

  59. Lauren says:

    LM – I think you can. I tried mine a second time at 325 for 30 minutes because everyone said 325 worked and mine WEREN’T cooked all the way… yuck! So I stuck them back in for 10ish minutes. :) Now I stick with 350 for 30 minutes.

  60. Reinie says:

    I can’t wait to try this!!What a great idea!! Yes, I also found it on Pinterest! Thanks!!

  61. Nancy says:

    This sounds like a great idea. I’m just learning about pinterest so thank you for posting.

    Oh, and I pronounce it yoke. So does the dictionary. Look it up some time. :)

  62. Kelly says:

    Hey Lauren, I just did this tonight (awesome idea..I made it for egg salad and it was so easy!) but all of my eggs had little brown like burnt spots once they were peeled. Do you know if there is any way to avoid this? I cooked them for 30 minutes at 325. Thanks!

  63. Pat says:

    Terrific Idea! I would suggest that one use room temperature eggs. Preheat the oven and away you go! This will make the “zillion” deviled eggs so much easier. Just in time for summer requests and festivities.

  64. karen says:

    @ debbie – thanks for the suggestion!

  65. Shawsha says:

    So funny, I just had this conversation about baking eggs the other day, with no definitive answer about whether an egg would explode or cook in the oven! Thanks for the info, I will definitely be using this method!

    Shawsha (The Art Teacher Lady)

  66. Tina Madden says:

    I said I have got to try this, washed up some fresh eggs collected today and popped them in the oven. My 27 yr old daughter and husband looked at me like they had seen an alien. LOL am also watching for exploding eggs. Thanks

  67. Sara says:

    This is awesome! With Easter just around the corner and all the school parties I do believe you just brought my stress level down tremendously!!

  68. Lyndee says:

    Adding baking soda to your cooling water makes peeling so much easier. Really!

  69. Thanks Lauren you are a genius! I baked 6 eggs last night while I was baking some brownies and to my amazement these eggs were best ever I did 325 for 30 min in gas oven middle rack, they did have brown spots on outside but when i peeled them which was very easy they were so perfect with no dry yolk and whites were moist and delicious. You are an angel! now I got one up on my female friends, lol now several people are interested in your blog, don’t you love PINTEREST!

  70. Draconis says:

    Yeah.. this is a good idea only because you can do it in huge batch. To even make it economical to traditional method you would need to make 3 times as many eggs you would normally make.

  71. Angie says:

    Thanks for this great tip – but I’m puzzled. Your main pic shows very white eggs – are these already shelled – because in all my life I’ve never seen such white eggs (eggcept hardboiled and outside their shells?!

  72. Lauren says:

    Angie – Ha, they are just normal white eggs….?? Pretty standard eggs…. at least here in TX.

    People who are having problems with brown spots on the actual egg – maybe try a lower temp? Only ONE of mine got a tiny brown spot.

    I told my mom about this post a couple of days ago – her response: “they don’t explode??” ha!

  73. Angie says:

    OMW!!! Here in South Africa no-one would buy such white eggs – they would be regarded as rejects! We only have lovely goldeny brown and speckled eggs – specially if they are free range and grain fed. The white ones look so freaky peculiar to me ;) I guess it’s what you’re used to. Must post you some pics of ours if I get around to it. Thanks for the great blog and tip – and thanks for sharing, responding and clearing up the mysterious white eggs :)

  74. Wendy says:

    OKAY! YES! I admit it I found you through Pintrest! With Easter coming up this is a great idea. Especially since we have the youth group coming over to decorate eggs!

  75. Heather says:

    OK…I tried this out…not bad/insides got a little brown…but now I know my oven is much hotter than I thought…had to adjust the temp….good thing I am the only one who eats hard boiled eggs!! I love this idea and will perfect it in time!! Kids will be thrilled with all the eggs they get to color!! :) Pinterest is a good thing!! hehehe

  76. OMG You just changed my life! Thank God for Pinterest!!!!

  77. Sheila says:

    I am not sure if you all are aware of this, but what makes an egg easy to peel is age. We have chickens and fresh eggs are difficult to peel no matter what you do to them. That is because they are still completely full and no evaporation has occurred. That being said, I wouldn’t give up my fresh eggs for the world :)

  78. Nicole Binch says:

    I mean really!!! Great!!! Worked like a charm

  79. Kate says:

    I did a little experiment in my oven just a little while ago: 1) to test how this method would work in my oven and 2) to see the difference between grocery store & fresh-laid (less than a day old) eggs.

    1) My oven runs way too hot to bake at 350 for 30 minutes! If I try this again, I’ll stick with 325 for 20 and see what happens.

    2) Grocery store eggs seem to do better this way than fresh. My grocery store egg had one little burnt spot on the white; my fresh egg was burnt and shrunk on the bottom, with a terribly offensive smell. Neither of them peeled well after cooling, BUT both yolks (pronounced “yoke” :D) were cooked perfectly.

    Worth a shot! But I think I’d rather do it the old-fashioned way. :)

  80. Julie Speed says:

    In England it is pronounced yoke as in joke the l is silent as indeed it is in folk. Love your stuff – thanks for sharing it. By the way I too am suprised there has not been any exploding eggs ? Kinda nervous about that but may have to muster the courage to try as you are right, boiling large amounts of eggs is a pain in the derriere ;)

  81. becky says:

    ????? Do I have to preheat the oven ?????

  82. Angela Werner says:

    Love it, I wasted 5 eggs the other day because I didn’t boil them long enough! So, I love this. I don’t care how much longer it takes, it seems a lot easier!

  83. Rashell says:

    Do you know how long fresh duck eggs would take?

  84. Jenny says:

    I baked eggs for the first time a few weeks ago and loved them! To me, it was much easier than boiling. It takes longer for my water to boil then to bake the eggs.

    THANK you for the idea of putting the eggs in mini tins. I need to bake 10 dozen eggs for egg dying on Friday and using the tins will be so easy!!

  85. Sassy Sites says:

    Happy Monday! Your Easter eggs are included on my list of 101 Things to do with an Easter egg today! Come by and have a look!

    xoxo! Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  86. Josie says:

    I came from Pinterest to check out this amazing new tip! What a time saver! I loved deviled eggs but always hate boiling them; and have to boil so many to dye for easter – now it will be a breeze! Thank You!! I did discover that the brown spots are from the eggs sweating – might try letting them sit out from the fridge for a few minutes to let them warm up and sweat a bit, then wipe them off before sticking them in! Hope that helps – I did find that most of the spots went away if you let them soak in your cold water for awhile! Thanks again – Blessings on your Easter!

  87. Jenny says:

    Do the eggs smell at all when you cook them? My roommate HATES the smell of eggs so I never get to eat them, but i want them soooo badly! Will this be the answer to my problem?!?!

  88. Lauren says:

    Josie – brilliant idea!! Next time I’ll have to test out the “letting them sweat, wipe it off, then cook them” plan. I’ll let ya know how it works! :)

    Jenny…. they don’t smell while cooking, but they do when you peel them. They ARE still eggs :)

  89. Brooke Bumgardner says:

    Brilliant!! Found this through Pinterest…I will definitely be doing this for Easter. And in my little part of Ohio, we all say YOKE.

  90. Raheejeh says:

    I did this today and it worked so well, I’ll never boil my hard boiled eggs again!

  91. Georgina says:

    What is so difficult about boiling them? Talk about taking a simple method, throwing it out the window and replacing it with something more time consuming.

  92. Alison says:

    This sounded like a great idea but we just got 18 out of the oven (325 F for 30 min)and we had 7 out of 18 completely cracked and not worth saving. Big bummer. Maybe I’ll try it again but I can’t be sure. Good luck to others. Hope it works for you.

  93. Barbara says:

    Thank you!! I have always hated boiling eggs. They never seem to be just right. I think I am too impatient for most stovetop cooking. I much prefer the oven, so I was thrilled to find this on — yes — Pinterest! I just baked a dozen and am convinced — we will definitely have more deviled eggs this year! We did have some brown spotting, but I had not taken the time (surprise) to bring the eggs fully to room temperature. One shell did crack, so we took advantage of the opportunity to taste test (the rest are for grandson to decorate). Peeled easily. Moist, yellow yolk, no green ring. Great taste. Thank you, Lauren, for sharing.

  94. Brownie says:

    Found you from Pinterest! I will be trying this. I like the muffin tin idea for baking eggs – I might try that.

    I have mini pie pan – I liberally slather butter in it, press a slice of white bread (yes I said white, not wheat) down in and along the side – I throw in an egg beaten with milk, crumbled bacon and shredded cheese. Bake at 350 for 25minute – and my daughter has breakfast that she takes with her on the school bus.

  95. Bev says:

    Ohhh … Will definitely have to try this! Here’s timing that I can handle! :)

  96. Michele says:

    Thanks for the Pinterest post and yes you are funny. I loved the boiled egg description:) I am a California native and I say yolk, like folk.

  97. Julia says:

    Love this, and found from pinterest. Can I share this on my blog? Linking to your page of course. I want to do a small Easter ideas post.

  98. Esther says:

    Placed a small piece of parchment paper in each tin, baked 325 for 30 mins – few brown spots which completely disappeared after ice bath

  99. Lauren says:

    Julia – yes, feel free to share the great idea on your blog! :)

  100. Christina says:

    I wonder if putting a bit of water in the bottom of each of the mini muffin tin cups would help alleviate the brown spots on the eggs by keeping them moist instead of drying them out – just a thought. I think I shall try!

  101. BTramm says:

    Can I put the eggs straight in the oven right out of the fridge? Cold?

  102. Gail Burkett says:

    BRILLIANT!! I like this way too, put them in and go do something else. Set timer so you don’t forget.

  103. Kelley says:

    I can’t wait to try this.

    But it’s definitely pronounced “yoke”. To Nancy up above who said it’s pronounced “yolk” and to look it up in the dictionary… well, I did. And the dictionary agreed with me – the l is silent in the preferred pronunciation.

  104. Kelley says:

    And as an aside, “folk” also has a silent l, according to the dictionary.

  105. Melissa says:

    Yes, I found you on Pinterest as well :) This idea is so great! My fiance and I always have hard-boiled eggs on hand and this way seems much simpler! Thanks!! I don’t have a mini muffin pan though – the eggs don’t crack if they wiggle around in a reg. muffin pan, do they??

  106. Susie says:

    Has anyone baked eggs at high altitude? What time and temperature? Would love to try it!

  107. Elfriede says:

    Make dyed deviled eggs! Scoop out the yolk into a bowl and use regular liquid food coloring to dye the split whites in separate bowls with your favorite colors! Make your favorite deviled filling, fill your colorful eggs and display, no, eat!

  108. Dana says:

    Whoever said this took longer hasnt boiled an egg in a while because boiled eggs take right at an hour. Between waiting for the water to boil, eggs to cook and then to wait until the eggs are cool enough to handle. And that’s with using an ice bath for them. It take me right at an hour!!! Anything to save 20 minutes in the day of a mom of three!!

  109. Sydne says:

    I did this today ! I think baking the egg gives it a unique baked flavor,the yolk was moist and overall good. I did have 4 out of 24 eggs crack and pop in the oven,some had brown discoloration,I think this was due to the oven temp.I will adjust the heat next time, I baked 24 fresh brown eggs at 350,next time I will lower my temp ! I do love this idea and will do it again,I also love the muffin tin for baking !

  110. Maureen says:

    So happy I tried this. I love to cook, but hard boiled eggs seem to be my cryptonite(sp). I always forget how long they have been boiling, or sitting in the already boiled water. This method was fool proof for moi! No stinky eggs & no green! The brown pretty much went away, there were a few remaining spots, but we are using them for dyeing. Thanks ;)

  111. Maureen says:

    BTW – I say yoke…I can’t really even say yolk (yes I am trying to out loud right now)

  112. Sar says:

    Thank you so much! I will never boil eggs again. Made a huge batch for Easter lunch and it was so much easier. I can not thank you enough for posting this!!! My husband thinks I have lost my mind because I can’t stop talking about it.

  113. Laura says:

    Going to try this right now… Worst part about boiling eggs is having to wait for them to dry before you dye them for eastr. Love it!

  114. Karli says:

    Interesting idea, especially for big batches. I’m an Aussie and i say ‘yoke’ but spell it ‘yolk’. For me, folk and yoke both have a silent ‘l’. I did not find you through pinterest, I found you through a link on someone’s Facebook page.

  115. Heidi says:

    I am going to try this tonight, but I am going to try baking them right in their cardboard trays (“paper” doesn’t burn until 451 degrees so I think it should work :::crossing fingers:::)

  116. Valerie says:

    I did this.. baked at 335 for 30 minutes and then iced for 10.. egg peeled easily but had “burn” mark on the egg white.. may try a little lower temp next time..

  117. Valerie says:

    Heidi, I am curious to if it works in the cardboard tray.. please let us know.. and I found this on Pinterest..

  118. Teri says:

    Just tried this… AMAZING! I have NEVER had the yolks turn out such a pretty yellow! Thank you for the step by step instructions! *Pinterest, like most everyone else*

  119. Beth says:

    Just tried this with 6 eggs at 325 for 30 min, and the yolks (I say yoke) were perfect, but I did have some brown marks on some of my eggs, inside not shell. I’ll experiment with temperature of the eggs and of my oven because I LOVE this idea. My son loves boiled eggs, and today I am getting ready to dye eggs and make deviled eggs so it’s awesome to be able to do a huge batch! Thanks! And yes, found you on Pinterest!

  120. Michele says:

    Loved the idea so I had to try it for Easter eggs. After 18 minutes I came in to exploding eggs. Off to clean my oven.

  121. shawna durk says:

    this is a great idea. I hate boiling eggs. You had me laughing so hard making this fun to read lol

  122. sturgmom says:

    I tried this today with 2 dozen eggs to dye for Easter, but only 10 came out uncracked. Bummer!! I can use a few of the cracked ones for deviled eggs, but some of those look like they practically exploded.

    I did them at 350 for 30 min. I did let the oven preheat- is that where I went wrong?

  123. Brenda McGraw says:

    I just baked 4 dozen! I had only one explode- well not really explode but popped open and baked right there… 4 cracked but not badly and lots had the brown spots- that dissolved off in the ice water! Will definately be doing this again!

  124. Carrie B says:

    Question ****

    I tried 30 mins at 350* and I had a burnt ring around my egg. When I sliced it open there was a tiny spot of yolk that wasn’t cooked completely. Turning the temp down and cooking longer – would that get rid of the burn ring?

  125. Carol Ann says:

    Looks like a great method for large batches of eggs! Found you through Budget Savvy Diva. The only problem I’ve found when boiling eggs is that they sometimes crack when boiling, if you piece the big end with a needle no more cracking.

  126. Kelly says:

    Does Martha Stewart know about this?! lol I just tried it with my one test egg. Fantastic! It had a tiny bit of brown at the large end where there was an indent. Maybe an air bubble? There wasn’t any green and the yolk was a perfect texture.
    I did find you on Pinterest and I say it either with that very soft “l” or silent “l”. Thanks :)

  127. JLea says:

    I don’t have the patience for stovetop eggs, and there is so much that goes into it if you don’t want them to be cracked and you want them to peel right. I’m about to try this method…I’ve got almost 4 dozen eggs to boil.

  128. Maria says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this tip!! I found you through Budget Savvy Diva. I say “yoke” but I write it as “yolk”. I let the eggs sit on the counter until it got to room temperature. I wiped the condensation off and baked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. They were the best “hard boiled” eggs I’ve ever had! They were “fluffy” and not “rubbery” and tasted much better than the boiled eggs! :-D

  129. Tami says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I did the baked boiled eggs and it’s fabulous!!! Did I already say Thank you!!! You rock!

  130. Karla says:

    Not sure what I did wrong, but my eggs had ALOT of brown spots on the shell which then had to be handwashed off. Then when we peeled them many of the egg whites had turned a yellow/brown and they had to be thrown away. Very unfortunate, as it was really nice not having to boil!

  131. Megan says:

    I tested one egg at 325 degrees for 25 minutes and it came out perfectly! I had some brown spots, but only let the egg sit in the ice water for a couple of minutes, because I was too anxious to see if it worked, lol! The shell was SUPER easy to peel too! Baking the rest of my two dozen eggs now to make deviled eggs for Easter tomorrow (today)! Thank you for the awesome tip!! I will NEVER suffer through boiling eggs again!

  132. Mary says:

    Love this method! Also found you on Pinterest LOL Bet you never expected this wave of traffic from your post :-) I used room temp eggs @ 350 for 30 min. Was too hot I think, my eggs cracked & slightly exploded, then turned brown in some places on the actual egg that was exposed. I will try 325 next time. I also am curious about using a bit of water under them. Has anyone tried this? Please enlighten us :-)

    Many thanks!

  133. Well…I just did 1 egg at 350 for 30 minutes. It cracked open and there was a brown spot on the whites (not just the shell). However, it tasted just fine.

    I can’t hard-boil eggs to save my life, and I have to make a big batch of deviled eggs today. Soooo…going to try again :\

  134. Theeeere we go. Ok, so the first time, I put the egg in a regular muffin tin, and I think maybe that kept the heat too close to the egg. Whatever.

    325 for 33 min…then cooled in cold water instead of ice water (so it maybe cooked a little more…slooowly).

    Got a couple of cracked shells, but no explosions and no lasting browning. I probably won’t use this method if I plan to dye the eggs, but for deviled eggs or wanting some hard-boiled eggs for the week, it’s fine.

  135. Knitella says:

    I am so gona try this! Thank you for sharing :D xx

  136. Katie says:

    This is awesome! Now I can do my eggs and bacon in the oven at the same time! :)

  137. Last note – I swear.
    325 for 33 minutes left a few yolks very very slightly undercooked.

    Still; that’s going to be my preferred temperature – probably for 35 minutes though. Less cracking and less discoloration

  138. kat says:

    Hi there, great post! Just wondering what font you’re using here (in the picture and also people’s names above) – it’s great!

  139. Anita Farace says:

    Wow,so excited to try this, thanks for sharing! Found this on Pinterest and I say Yoke! Going now to set my eggs out and let them get room temp!

  140. I’m with you on this being easier! One step. Done. Thanks. :)

  141. Tanya says:

    Thanks for the great tip. This made Easter egg decorating a little easier. Have a great day!

  142. Crystal says:

    I tried this at 325 for 30 min and it was the best “hard boiled” egg I’ve ever had. The yolk(I say yoke) was cooked thoroughly but creamy and the egg was not rubbery at all!!!! This was sooooo much easier than the traditional way. Thank you!

  143. Christine says:

    I have a horrible time boiling eggs… and peeling them so I never end up making any deviled eggs myself… This is so right up my alley! Thank you!

  144. Amy says:

    I found you via Pinterest, and I pronounce it “yoke”! I tried six on my first attemp(350 for 30 minutes)t–two cracked, one of those sort of oozed, too. I guess I should try a little less time next try! Thanks for the postM

  145. Angie says:

    You’re awesome!! The muffin pan idea is genious!!! You should be proud of coming up with that….I was gonna put them on the rack like he did LOL!! sometimes i’m just not that bright!!! Thanks again!!

  146. Winnie says:

    Tried this a couple weeks ago and it’s great! My muffin pan was a normal size though so the eggs were rolling around and I ended up getting a dark spot on the part of the egg that touched the pan.. so I bought a mini cupcake pan and I am cooking them as we speak! Loved the results last time though, it was soooo good.. I did have one egg though that had the halo but I’m pretty sure it was because I did not leave it in the ice bath long enough because I wanted to see the results so badly! Thank you

  147. Lisa says:

    I think this is a way smart idea. I love it. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  148. soldierzgirl says:

    i was reading this and actually it is still faster to bake them, like you suggest, than to boil them. It takes for freaking ever to get water to boil. If you add in how long it takes for the water to boil, the time is at least 30 minutes. This is such a fabulous idea! I wish i had read it last week before we dyed eggs!!! Thanks for the tip

  149. Lyndsay H. says:

    Holy cow, it worked!! I will never boil eggs again! So easy and they came out perfectly!! Thanks for sharing this :) I of course found your blog from Pinterest. And I’m a YOLK girl myself :) Thanks again!!

  150. Jeanne Foster says:

    Just tried the eggs in the oven and it works great! Nothing I hate worse than eggs that won’t peel. This way, the shells just slip off! I’m all for short cuts in the kitchen!!!

  151. Joellen says:

    I usually hard boil my eggs in the vegetable steamer. Mine even has an egg tray designed for it. I want to try this way though – sounds even easier, especially if Jeanne Foster’s comment is accurate for me too – peeling the eggs when the shell is stuck on is the worst. Older eggs work better.

    (and for the record I got here from Pinterest too)

  152. Heather says:

    I say yoke, and found you via Pinterest so it is very likely that I would spend my 30 mins there. Great idea! Found another “easy” pin that said an easy way to crack before pealing hard eggs is put them back in the pot used for bowling and “shake” them around to crack them all up. Didn’t try it yet…but may be a good idea for your hubby. ;)

  153. Megan says:

    Ok, so I was so excited to try this! This morning I put 4 eggs in at 350 for 30mins. With 5 mins left on the timer I hear a noise that sounds like one of my eggs bursting. I opened the oven door and yes one exploded in my oven and the rest had basically vaporized. And now my entire house reeks of burnt, rotten eggs! What did I do wrong??

  154. Tiffany says:

    This is amazing trying it soon.. Please send this idea into rachael ray double task .. I have to do my cousins baby shower now I can compare boiled vs baked for deviled eggs

  155. Lauren says:

    ah, sorry to the very few who had some “exploding” or cracked eggs! My suggestion would be to try them for 20 minutes at 350, or 25 minutes at 325? Why can’t everyone’s ovens just actually have the right temperature? Ha. :) Mine are perfect every time!

  156. Kathy says:

    I tried this today. Neat idea! 325 for 30 minutes (electric oven). Most of my eggs got brown spots on the whites. As the spots were pretty much in the same place on each egg I’m guessing it is where they contacted the metal muffin tin. Next time I’m going to try standing each egg in a little pile of salt inside its muffin space. Will let you know how it goes!

  157. Hmmm…. Boiling eggs seems to be more efficient. Put eggs in cold water, bring to boil, put on the lid, turn off the gas. The end. Less energy wasted too.

  158. Angela says:

    I think my new grandson would even more adorable in the Upcycled Bow-Tie Onesie – – Navy & Blue Print. May have to buy that one.

  159. Angela says:

    I love this idea. Especially since my husband in making them right now!!

  160. Lauren,you are not dumb!!! You just have more sense than to waste your precious Pinterest time cleaning up “boiled over” messes when doing eggs on the stove. I am about to go and bake me some “boiled eggs”, ha! no joke! I am craving some deviled eggs for supper. Tami

  161. I cant wait to try this, I suck at boiling eggs I always forget that I am cooking them almost burn down my house at 2 am had black explosive eggs all over my kitchen, with a lot of smoke. Now I have a convection oven with timer.

  162. Eric Pelz says:

    Wow this is truly awesome! So easy. This makes me not worry about hard boiling eggs anymore. Set….and Forget! then take out in 30 minutes. Thanks again for sharing.

  163. Judy Hoover says:

    I’m with Sheila’s comment on March 30th. We have chickens and some lay white eggs and some lay brown, depending on the breed of chicken. Nothing like farm fresh eggs except they are hard to peel so I will definitely try baking them soon. I have heard that the “fresh” eggs from the grocery stores can be 6 months old!!!Yuck!!! Not sure if I say yoke or yolk???? Never thought about it. Thanks for this tip.

  164. Hillary says:

    Just tried this method, and it was fabulous! I’m like you – hard boiled eggs never seem to turn out right! I end up ripping them to shreds when I try and peel them, every single time! This was much easier, and they peeled SO easy! I did get brown spots on the shells as well as a few on the white of each egg, but hopefully reducing the baking time will fix that problem. Thanks for sharing – you’re a lifesaver!

  165. Kecia says:

    This did not make peeling fresh eggs any easier for me. By fresh, I mean home-raised fresh eggs—-not what is called ‘fresh’ in a store, which can be weeks old before being set out for sale. Truly fresh eggs are impossible to peel cleanly…and, unfortunately…still are.

  166. Kathy says:

    Sooo…today I tried these a new way. I put about 3/4 inch of salt (regular blue box Morton’s- little girl big umbrella) into a pie tin. Then I nestled the eggs safely into the salt. Baked them 30 minutes at 325 degrees. PERFECTO!!! NO BROWN SPOTS!!! PRETTY WHITE EGGHELLS!!!

  167. Kathy says:

    P.S. You can save and re-use the salt :-))

  168. Polly says:

    Love the muffin pan idea and baking in the shell for hard boiled eggs – I’ve baked eggs before but broke the shell and put the egg in the muffin pan as a method of poaching. Found you from a link from Community Chickens, will have to try pinterest. BTW Yoke.

  169. Becky says:

    I live at 10,000 ft. so I made a few modifications. I put the eggs into the muffin tins, added enough water to have the liquid almost half fill the cups, then placed them in a 325 oven for 30 min. THEN I tested one (not cooked enough, but no brown spots) and added another 10 minutes – PERFECT!! Thanks so much.

  170. Petra says:

    Aw man! I put mine in the oven before I found your post, and had a huge “DUH!” moment when I saw the muffin pan. Of course! Good job on that one. Also I am super jealous of the Anthropologie egg holder. It’s adorable :)

  171. Charley E says:

    I found these instructions on, wait for it….Pinterest. I just got the eggs out of the oven this minute and they are cooling in their ice bath. I was a bit worried at first when I heard ‘sizzling’ going on in my oven. I was afraid they were all going to burst open and I was going to have a mess on my hands. But, as you stated, after 30 minutes, they have little brown spots on them. Can’t wait to try them!

  172. Charley E says:

    Ok, so sorry for negative feedback, but I do not like the way they peel…when I removed the totally tore up the eggs…didn’t make for pretty deviled eggs.

  173. Julie says:

    I tried this right after I saw it. It was so much easier than boiling them. I have a couple of questions though. I took my eggs straight from the frig to the muffin tins and put them in the oven after it preheated. They didn’t break, but when I peeled them, they all had scorching spots on them, but they didn’t seem to be overcooked. Were your eggs room temp when you put them in the oven?

  174. Lauren says:

    Mine were not at room temperature… but some of the commenters said that their’s were. I don’t really let my oven preheat all the way before I stick them in. But… everyones fridges and ovens are different temperatures… ah! It’s kinda a trial and error – just use one and experiment :)

  175. martha says:

    An even EASIER way is to…. put your eggs in a pot…fill with COLD water…bring to a rolling boil…immediately remove pot from burner and allow eggs to cool in the water…the eggs will finish cooking to perfection….nice bright fluffy yolks…done!

    You can do this before you go to bed or before you go to work…the eggs will keep fine in the water…. refrigerate after you drain them.

    When you find eggs on sale, buy as many as you like, smother them with mineral oil and keep them in a cool place…no need for refrigeration…they will last for MONTHS.

  176. R.G.Daniel says:

    “The spelling pronunciation YOHLK, with an audible L, was Noah Webster’s preference in his dictionary of 1828 and the preference of several earlier English authorities. This was undoubtedly due to the variant spelling yelk, pronounced YELK, which Dr. Johnson (1755), Walker (1791), and Smart (1836) favored. Since Worcester (1860), however, the spelling yolk and the pronunciation YOHK have prevailed, while yelk has disappeared and YOHLK has fallen into disfavor. According to M-W 10 (1993), YOHLK survives in the South among some cultivated speakers.”

  177. Erinn says:

    I just made my eggs this way and they turned out great! I, too, dread making hard boiled eggs because of all of the specifics. My oven tends to be on the hot side so I baked 5 older eggs at 325 degrees and they are absolutely perfect!

  178. donna says:

    “I say yolk” “I say yolk” buncha fibbers. I say yoke and so do you : P

  179. Rachael says:

    it’s true. It’s so much easier to just stick them in the oven and walk away. I hate having to wait for the water to boil, then set the timer, then take the eggs out and yadda yadda.

  180. Tina says:

    Great idea only I put them directly on the oven rack, in the tracks. That way I don’t have any pan or pots to clean. Even better :)

  181. Alice says:

    I “boiled” eggs in the oven right on the oven rack back in the mid 60’s. Haven’t done this in years. I remember how good they tasted. Must try it again. Thanks for reminding me.

  182. Lisa says:

    I took a cooking class last year where the chef showed use how to bake eggs, but he baked the eggs without the shell. Problem with that is that the outside of the egg scorches from the nonstick spray and if you don’t grease the muffin tin, you can’t get the eggs out without mauling them.

    This method sounds much easier. I thought about it in the past, but since I know an egg in the shell will explode in the microwave, I thought the same was true for an oven.

    PS I have no idea what “pinterest” is, I found your blog by Googling “baked eggs.”

  183. Lauren says: – an amazing bookmarking site. you can categorize all your favorite recipes, home projects, etc! you’ll get lost for hours on it.

  184. Lauren says:

    in the 60s?! SO COOL! didn’t know people had been doing this that long!

  185. Just a few things
    1- You’re right I did find you on Pinterest
    2- Yes, I do need to spend more time on Pinterest
    3- Mini muffin pan is genius…and I have two of them
    4- Yes, it does take longer, but when I’m making 4 dozen eggs all at one time for egg salad sandwiches for a bridal shower with 70 people, I will be thanking God for you while other people are boiling 4 pots of water to boil 12 at a time. I win…and by proxy, so do you :)

  186. June says:

    Yes, I did find your blog on Pinterest. I spell it Yolk. I think this is a brilliant idea to get a large batch. But for a short amount of eggs and time I’d suggest wrapping an egg in silver foil and dunking it in a mug and microwaving it for 4 minutes.

  187. Cynthia says:

    Love you’re idea and sense of humor!!!! Question, how long do they last before they go bad and do I have peel them right away?? I wanna make them for the rest of the week….

  188. Lauren says:

    No you don’t have to peel them right away… some of ours sit in the fridge for up to 4 days. You could maybe go longer possibly – ours get eaten up fast!

  189. Kim says:

    I’m SO gonna try this. Boiled 24 eggs last week; I could only peel 15!! MADE ME SO MAD.

  190. Jodi says:

    Thank you soooo much for this suggestion. I made the best egg salad I have ever made! AND, your husband is right, it was so easy to peel the eggs. My eggs did have brown spots on them, even after I peeled them. Maybe the temp was too high? Thanks for posting your suggestions!!

  191. Jodi says:

    I absolutely love your knitted croc style booties. Next time I am in Austin, I am going to stop by, definitely. I live in Houston.

  192. Greenwick says:

    I actually found this while looking up if it was possible to boil eggs in a pan that is too short to cover them with water. Good advice! It does take longer, but if I never have to worry about runny eggs or cracking them while dropping them in a pan, I am all for it. Plusm, they won’t take up that much space; add a few potatoes alongside, and you’ll have the makings of fine picnic fare.

  193. Jen says:

    “Then go do something else for 30 minutes. Go get a snow cone, shave your legs, spend way too much time on pinterest (that IS how you found our blog… isn’t it? ha!)”

    Funny, and totally true :)

  194. StlChica74 says:

    You’re a freaking GENIUS! And there’s no need to be humble. I was so excited when I read this I ran to my fridge, threw some eggs in a muffin pan, and tossed them in the oven. I can’t wait to take them out and see how well they peel. Thanks for the great idea!

    P.S. Now that I’m thinking about how I say yolk, I’m not sure how I pronounce it. You know when you say a word over and over it suddenly becomes foreign? That’s where I’m at! :)

  195. It’s not even about how LONG it takes, it’s about it being easier (like you said) and the eggs peeling better. I’m going to make deviled eggs and there is nothing worse than presenting a pan of crappy looking peeled eggs to a group of people. I’m eggs-cited to try this!

  196. Sara says:

    Did anyone experience a horrible smell while the eggs cooked in the oven? Has anyone tried adding water to the pan?

  197. Kat says:

    Omg thank you soooooo much. You just made my life so much easier. I make egg salad all the time and have the hardest time boiling the egg but now thanks to you no more problem so again thank you :)

  198. Cindy says:

    I am going to try this! I found the article on Google and I say YOLK! Thanks for a great tip!

  199. Cindy says:

    Today I used my silicone muffin form and baked up six eggs. I set the oven at 350 for egg-zactly 30 minutes. Then they got the quick plunge into the ice water. I do mean ICE! I left a pitcher of water in the refrigerator over night, and then dumped four trays of ice cubes into it five minutes before throwing the eggs to their icy doom! First off, there was not one hint of even the tiniest brown spot on the shell. Is that due to the silicone instead of a metal pan? Who knows? After a ten minute bath, I peeled one. It peeled very easily. I did find that one side was a little less easy then the other, but not very difficult. It didn’t tear up the egg white or anything. I think this may be the side that faced downward in the muffin form. Other then that, it was perfect! Tomorrow I’m making egg salad for lunch when my mother comes over. Then I’ll tell her how I made the eggs!

  200. CHRIS EN says:

    I am just about to try this, as I LOVE boiled eggs, but usually forget they are boiling and they invariably boil dry.
    The best way to peel a hard boiled egg is to bash both ends on the chopping board then roll them so all the shell is cracked. Then peel. NEVER had a problem.

  201. CHRIS EN says:

    Well that didnt work for me.
    I think they were in the oven too long :(

    I will try again . Fingers Crossed. xx

  202. Lorise says:

    So I tried this, and becasue my 14 year old was so impatient to have an egg, I went against my better judgement and cooked all 18 at one time and did not do a test run. needless to say at 325 for 30 mins was NOT long enough. my question is, can I put them back in after thier cold water bath into the oven and cook them longer? will this kill me?

  203. Lauren says:

    uh oh lorise! i’m not sure if you can stick ’em back in the oven… but i don’t see why not! i’d definitely suggest putting them in at 350 for 30 minutes then… but just try one egg! this project has the potential to be amaaaazing, you just gotta see how your oven works. :)

  204. Sylvia says:

    Awesome post! I knew you could bake eggs to make them like hard-boiled eggs, but I forgot the instructions and your site popped up first. Not only informative, but entertaining. Can’t wait for the chai butter cookies I’m baking to be done so I can try this! And no, I didn’t find the blog on pinterest. ;-)

  205. Meredith White says:

    Just baked ’em — fabulous!! Thanks!

  206. madeleine says:

    I hard boil my eggs in my vegetable steamer. I put the timer on 25 minutes, forget it, and presto, hb eggs. the only problem is, you can only do 6 at a time according to the directions. I haven’t tried it with more.

  207. Shirley says:

    Great advice. Thanks. The yellow part of an egg is a yolk. A yoke, on the other hand, is the big wooden crosspiece that connects two oxen(it’s an old word!) when they are working the field.Yoke means to join together.However…they are pronounced pretty much the same.

  208. Christie says:

    That picture of your egg holder from Anthropolgie had a purpose! It made me want one too!!! I love it! I also love this idea! Thank you for sharing :)

  209. Paine says:

    I bought a $27.00 egg maker that cooks 7 eggs in about 12 minutes. Not bad (HAHAHAH) but the buzzer when it is done sends me and the dogs straight to the roof. I know it’s coming but it still startles me. Any who, I need more than 7 eggs some times and cleaning it is a pain. I think I love you and you are so wonderful to share.

  210. Krysta says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I LOVE this.

  211. Dottie says:

    But it costs a LOT more in energy to use your oven than your stove top. AND, when you consider it takes longer, it all adds up. If you are cooking something else and there’s room to slip this in the oven with it, then you’ve got you task accomplished as well as saved some money.

  212. Nichole says:

    I will not try this method again. I tried it 2x’s now and both times the eggs are a nightmare to peel:(

  213. Lori says:

    I’m so trying this tomorrow! And, btw, I love the random picture of your egg holder from Anthropologie, and your funny confession under it!

  214. Olivia says:


  215. Rita says:

    YEP!!! Saw in Pinterest!! I’m gonna try it! By the way, how in the worls do me pronounce yolk!! Yo-L-k???? Sound like Yodling!! LOL !! I must be a Midwestern….Yoke, or joke!
    I’ll have fun trying eggs tomorrow in the oven!!

  216. Rita says:

    YEP!!! Saw in Pinterest!! I’m gonna try it! By the way, how in the world do you pronounce
    yolk!! Yo-L-k???? Sound like Yodling!! LOL !! I must be a Midwestern….Yoke, or joke!
    I’ll have fun trying eggs tomorrow in the oven!!

  217. Julie says:

    We tried this the night before out big Easter party. I cooked 5 dozen eggs for 30 minutes at 350. Out of the 60 eggs, only 13 were still good. The rest blew up…completely exploded all over my oven. I was so thankful I have a self-cleaning oven. :)

  218. Franzi says:

    I’m sorry but isn’t this terrible for the environment? It uses so much energy!

  219. john davis says:

    we’ve been baking eggs for years and it’s the way to go. We never had one explode. They are not all ways easy to peel, but in general we have better luck than boiling. In regards to energy consumption remember once your oven gets up to temp it cycles on and off just to maintain that temp. When you cook on the stove the burner is always on and allot of heat is escaping from the burner and the water strait into your kitchen.

  220. Carm says:

    OMG!! I just got done doing this. Amazing, this is how I will be doing my eggs going forward. I baked in the oven at 325 for 25 min . in a muffin tin. I made 6 to test it out. I just cracked one and it tasted and looked better then a boiled egg. No green ring and the center was perfect. Yes I ddi get brown spots but they went away after the cold bath. Also after peeling I noticed a small brown spot on the side the egg was resting on in the tin. Thank you soo much for this.

  221. Elvira says:

    Made some eggs last night. They came out perfect, thanks for the tip!

  222. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the great tip! I made these once already and they did have a small brown spot on the egg white where they were touching the oven racks, but I was able to cut that off when making deviled eggs. I cooked mine for 30 min at 325 degrees and they turned out perfectly. My hard boiled eggs never peel for me, and these peeled so easily. Going to do some experimenting with the muffin tins, salt, etc. to try to get rid of the brown spots completely.

  223. laura says:

    Just did this recipe! Only thing is I didn’t have a muffin tin. Had to use my caserole dish lol. I did 8 eggs @ 350 degrees, for half hour. They had a few brown spots,, not that anyone cared! Peeling wast so-so… even after running cool water for 10 mins… Maybe its just me.

  224. MrsP says:

    I baked mine at 325 for 30 minutes, then added to ice water for 5-10 mins, and they came out wonderfully!!! Thank you!! I would start here and then add more time if needed, because it’s better to underbake and add time, than overbake and have a wasted mess. Wonderful idea!

  225. rebecca keppel says:

    I have never never never gotten hard boiled eggs right! It sounds so ridiculous I know, but seriously every single time I either undercook or over cook! This was easy and they came out perfectly! Thanks!!

  226. Michelle says:

    Found this….on a friends facebook page, where she shared a link
    Loving the idea…can’t wait to try.
    Definitely, it is pronounced YOKE, same as joke, have no idea how you would try to pronounce it with an L, and for the record folk is pronounced foke too.

  227. cArsarn says:

    Aw, this was a really quality article.

  228. Lori says:

    I just checked Merriam Webster, and they have the first pronunciation like “yoke,” which is what I say. They also mention that “yelk” is a Southern pronunciation, and then they list four other variant ways of pronouncing it. I had no idea this word was do divisive!

  229. Chris Diehl says:

    My husband loves hard-boiled eggs and this does seem so much easier so I’m in…I’ll be baking some tomorrow!

  230. Chris says:

    I just liked you on facebook.

  231. Terri Fortner says:

    And another great tip thanks to mu hubby the chef: So you don’t have to wait for the oven to heat up put it on broil first and it will heat up FAST, then after a few minutes turn it to your required temp. No more waiting for the oven to preheat.

  232. Cheryl says:

    Pinterest here too! Well, as an adventure…I did 2 eggs in my convection oven, 350 for 22 min. starting with a cold oven…Perfect! Thank you so much!!

  233. Sharon says:

    Mine exploded so now I have to make a trip to the farmer to get more eggs….bummer

  234. Rhonda says:

    I will try it, Sam I Am!!

  235. Gourmet Mama says:

    I did this last night with two eggs to test it out, since I was making muffins anyway. :) Unfortunately, my gas ran out after 10 minutes, so I ended up leaving everything in the oven for 10 minutes while we got another thing of gas and I think that was a bad idea. By the time the muffins were done, the eggs were overdone and brown on most of the outer part once peeled. However, the yolks were delicious!! I read that these are good for babies because the yolks come out smoother and it’s true.

  236. Cris says:

    I did this last night and it worked sooo well! I shared it with my readers today:

  237. Bex says:

    Amazing! I would never in a million years have thought that this would work. After trying to cook an egg in the microwave many years ago, and spending three hours cleaning exploded egg off everything, I guess I thought the same would happen in the oven. Wow. I guess one is never too old to learn great new tricks! Thanks.

  238. Lynn says:

    Can’t wait to try your baked hard boiled eggs. I DO have a question though. Should the eggs be straight from the fridge or at room temperature? I can never get a straight answer. Thanks,

  239. SharleneT says:

    I’ve been baking eggs in the solar oven for years and will also use a muffin tin for my McDonald’s McMuffin eggs. 20 mins at 225F will hard-boil the egg. This process is so easy that you wonder why others don’t use it. Usually, when I’m ‘boiling’ eggs, I have scads of other things to fix, too, and the time goes by very fast. Great pin and thanks for sharing.

  240. Erika says:

    Tried this and my eggs turned out great. Only two or three peeled a bit wonky, but I didn’t care. I’ll eat ’em anyway. Now I’ve got a dozen eggs ready to go in the fridge for snacks and salads. And they do in fact turn out creamier yolks and less rubbery whites. No green ring here either.

  241. Tina W says:

    My husband made these, turned out perfect. The YOLK was so pretty. Some of the best eggs I have seen in a very long time. He is making more tonight for the week.

  242. Lisle says:

    Say “joke” 10 times very quickly! Now…..

    What do you call the white of an egg?

  243. Kris H. says:

    This is GENIUS! I am forever over (or under) cooking my eggs, and everytime I try to make deviled eggs, they don’t peel nice and just look awful. I’m definitely not a kitchen queen, so my husband will be thrilled tonight when I hand over perfectly “boiled” eggs! :)

  244. leah says:

    Amazing!!!!! Seriously so much faster than boiling method. Will never go back. less dishes too :) THANK YOU!!

    Im a northern girl, i pronounce it yolk with a silent L :)

  245. Kari says:

    Definitely YOLK. Yoke is equipment for animals to pull wagons. ;) Great idea. I hate boiling eggs! Trying this when I get home from work today!

  246. Kari says:

    Oh and I didn’t go through Pinterest to find this, does that make me crazy?

  247. Charlotte says:

    This is amazing. I will definitely have to try! (my friend sent me this link!). Since I’m proabably only cooking for one and can’t see any need to make 12 eggs at a time, I’ll likely have to adjust cooking time/temp, but I love an idiot-proof cooking method :) Thanks!

  248. Jason says:

    I’m a single guy and I live alone. I followed your directions and they worked. Prior to finding this website, I tried cooking them in my George Foreman grill (where I cook everything), and it crushed the eggs, flattened them, and they came out brown and unpeelable (if I may invent a word). Thanks for the post!

  249. Nancy Heifferon says:

    Brilliant. I am going bake some hard-boiled eggs today. To be extra frugal, I’ll bake them at the same time as the casserole I’m planning for dinner.

  250. sherbear says:

    I was baking my fish for my supper at work and I popped 12 eggs in to bake. I was concerned because I use my convection for EVERYTHING and I set it for 300 degrees for 20 minutes. PERFECTION!!!! No fishy smell or taste to the eggs, a few brown dots on the eggs prior to peeling but so simple and great use of oven space. Oh, the fish turned out fantastic also.

  251. Cat says:

    I don’t know you but I would hug and kiss you if I could!! I hate HATE hate peeling eggs….mostly because the whites would tear and damn it I want perfectly smooth eggs when I hard boil them. It is this exact reason that I haven’t made deviled eggs for the last 8 years of my marriage (much to my husband’s dismay)but your oven trick has made me, my hubby, and my son very egg-cellently happy :D

    You my dear ROCK!!!!

  252. Heidi says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I make deviled eggs all the time… now it’s a BREEZE. You DO rock!

  253. Jess says:

    Totally awesome! I’ll be trying this for sure! And I say “yoke”.

  254. Alana says:

    Awesome, going to try it right now, I also appreciate your fiestaware! :)

  255. Krystle says:

    So i tried this w one fresh egg from my frieds chickens and one store bought egg at 325 and for 30 min… The store bought egg cracked open n spilled out it was tasty and the fresh egg didnt crack it was a lil dry but it was so good…just need to adjust the time on it and it will be good im so excited.

  256. Abbey says:

    I’ve found that adding about a teaspoon of water to the empty spots in the muffin tin really help the cooking process

  257. Kathy says:

    I just tried this using country brown eggs. Two broke and none of them were pretty. Next time trying 325 and 25 minutes. Made tuna salad and they had an excellent flavor, regardless of how ugly they were. Pinterest rocks!

  258. ~amy~ says:

    I’m sooooo trying this!!!!

  259. Linda says:

    This worked perfectly!

  260. Danielle says:

    Loved this! The eggs came out creamy. Also…for those of you who can’t find the cute egg holder anymore at anthropologie, they have them at Fishs Eddy! I was just there today and saw them. They’re also cheap online here:,3938.html

  261. teresa says:

    Gotta make deviled eggs today for a bday dinner and I’m thinking of trying this lil trick. Thanks so much!!!

  262. Missy says:

    I’m passing this on to the Girl Scout cooks. Every outing I’ve been on serves hard boild eggs for breakfast. Several times they have been ENTIRLY green – yes even the white part was green and like rubber. They say it’s because they forgot to shut off the heat. This sounds much easier for them!

  263. Skeeter says:

    For the BROWN SPOTS .. try using a PYREX DISH instead a metal muffin pan :) Seemed to work great !!

  264. XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  265. Marleena A says:

    My sister did these in her toaster oven today. Got a whole dozen in and baked. She said they were very easy to peel and tasted really good.

  266. Janice says:

    I tried this trick this morning…pretty good! I’m wondering if I put a little water in the muffin tins if that would help with the brown spots.

  267. Sherry says:

    I found your post searching on google for another egg question. Am I ever glad that I did! I make tons (and I do mean tons!) of deviled eggs for holiday family dinners and was just getting ready to boil 6 doz. eggs for Thanksgiving. I’ve been testing timing for medium eggs in my gas oven and have found that 335 degrees for 30 minutes works perfect, putting them in when oven is at about 200 degrees. I did mine in reg muffin tins to lay them horizontal, as I didn’t want blunt ended eggs, as happens to me if they stand on end at times. I did get a small brown circle where the egg touched the pan, but I just cut the egg at that spot & then trimmed it off. I am test 6 right now with a little crumpled parchment paper between the egg and pan. if it solves the problem, I’ll let you know. I forgot to buy the eggs last week, so mine are as fresh as you get in a store, so shelling wasn’t as easy as with older eggs, but not any worse than if I’d boiled fresh eggs. But the whiteness and creamy texture of the eggs done this way is SO WONDERFUL!!! Thankyou so much for posting about it!

  268. Corrine says:

    This only makes sense if you’re making a LOT of eggs at once, I mean, 5+ dozen, or already baking. Otherwise is seriously wasteful and your energy bill won’t thank you for it. Heating an oven to temperature and baking for 30 minutes (so lets face it, 40 minutes of prep time) and keeping it hot burns wayyyy more energy than bringing a pot of water to boil and boiling in it for 20-30 on one burner. If you’re having trouble peeling your eggs, it’s because your eggs are too fresh. Hard boiled eggs should be older eggs. Toss them in an ice bath always, to stop the egg from continuing to cook, and to stop the green ring from forming.

  269. risa says:

    why would i keep my oven on for 30 minutes and pay for all of this electricity when i can brings eggs to boil, shut off stove and leave eggs sit for 14 minutes and have hard boiled eggs?

  270. I was raised that yolk is the correct spelling, and that yoke is the pronunciation of that word. Funny. And…can’t wait to try this, thanks!!

  271. Robin says:

    Did it. 325 deg F for 25 mins, brown spots on shell only. nearly perfect, used silicone minimuffin pan. Peeled well. Had some slight yellowing on the lower side whites, but not enough for anyone but me to likely notice. BF sent me Pinterest link. “Yoke” like “folk.” Wish I lived near your shop so I could annoy you by dropping by unannounced with my jewelry ;) Great idea! Will do this every time I have a lot of eggs to hardcook – like for deviled eggs. When I just want some dippin’ soldiers for breakfast, probably will just toss the little pan on the stove.

  272. jim says:

    what about fresh egges does it work with them.

  273. Nana says:

    These are some EXPENSIVE hard boiled eggs!

  274. P says:

    LOVE this idea,will be doing this from now on,even for ONLY a dozen! But what I can NOT understand why some have to always be so negative like, Nana “expensive”, Corrine & Risa “oven on”. Why be on this site? JUST SAYING!!

  275. Annette says:

    I’ve had this pinned on Pinterest for a while. When I was able to get organic eggs for 89 cents a dozen yesterday, I decided it was time to try it. I did only one egg first. I use an oven thermometer hanging off one of my racks because my oven is fickled. So I adjusted my temperature to be 350 on the thermometer and timed it for 30 minutes. Perfect! So now I’m doing more. I love this method.

  276. MikeD says:

    an egg yoke would be some kind of harness you put on them so a team of eggs can plow a field, isn’t it?

    to those people who say you are dumb for using a method that takes longer than boiling to make eggs… You CAN microwave a “baked potato” but just because it’s faster doesn’t make it better.

    btw, I Googled to find temp/time for baked eggs; I want to do two dozen at once and don’t want to wait for 3 batches.


  277. Ruby says:

    Really want to try this but will they be runny in the middle? That’s the best kind of eggs!

  278. Norma says:

    A yoke is a wooden usually thing that goes around the neck of oxen to help control them.
    Yolk is the yellow of an egg.
    Trying this as I type. Great idea.

  279. Crystal says:

    I have found that doing the eggs this way you have to cook them 45 minutes not 30 other wise they are not fully cooked.

  280. Heather says:

    I have a glass bowl convection oven. After ruining three pots because I forgot to check on eggs, I realized I needed to do something differently. After reading through these tips, here is what I found works with my countertop glass bowl convection oven.

    Eggs out on countertop to get to room temp.
    325 degrees preheat.
    I put the eggs on a pie plate on the low rack for 20 minutes.
    Then the ice water bath!

    There were some small brown spots. These largely went away in the bath. They were also a bit brownish under the shell, but the taste was fine. A couple cracked, but no explosions thus far. I might try 18 or 19 minutes, or a slightly lower temp. The yolk was fine-a tiny grayish just on the surface.

    I just wanted a foolproof way to not ruin pans. I’m pretty organized but this one thing just seems to get away from me. I’m liking the convection oven way. Thanks for everyone’s posts!

  281. Wilma says:

    Answer to Angie, It doesn’t matter what hens are fed that determines the colour of the shell, It is the breed of Hen.

  282. brenda says:

    I love this idea for hard-boiled eggs… mine are baking now :)

    But I would like to know if anyone has advice on how to fry an egg “over easy” in a skillet without it sticking horribly… and yolk bursting — boo hoo :(

  283. Matt says:

    Just did this and had 3 out of 12 eggs cracked enough that I decided to eat them on the spot for breakfast. Next time I will probably lower the temperature to 325, make sure the eggs are on a lower rack.

    I was very impressed with the color of the yolk but I don’t know that i notice a taste difference. This will definitely be used again as I already prefer it to boiling.

  284. Jackie S says:

    Cool idea…and it’s yoke. Hey, I’m from Jersey!

  285. Charles Hannibal says:

    I Googled “oven baked eggs”, expecting a scrambled egg casserole or some such dish. Saw your oven baked hard boiled eggs. Decided after 15 minutes of reading posted comments that my eggs could have been half cooked. I went all in and took my dozen brown eggs direct from the fridge to the oven. The racks were still foil-covered from a recent session of toasted cheese sandwiches. Placed eggs on foil covered rack in center of oven and set to 325 (my favorite oven temperature for almost everything). Removed one egg at 30 minutes and cooled under cold running water until I could “spin-test” it for done-ness. (Raw eggs don’t spin). Two brown spots on the egg white, near end where the air bubblecontacts the shell and (I suppose) at the contact point on the rack. The test egg peeled with minor difficulty and in my judgement was cooked to my satisfaction and edible when salted and peppered to taste. I left the rest cooling in water bath while I posted this comment. No explosions or other messy catastrophe. May I be excused for snack time?

  286. Charles Hannibal says:

    Well, my test batch isn’t “company-ready”. Excellent yolks, but the egg whites have scorch marks (the afore-mentioned brown spots) yellowish and a little rubbery; maybe over-cooking while I checked the sample egg. I shall give thanks that the eggs are not under-cooked, eat my mistakes and incorporate all the helpful tips from other commentators when preparing future batches… and there will be future batches.

  287. brenda says:

    Mine didn’t peel easily at all and had a lot of brown/burn spots on whites, which was tough and I had to pick it off. Maybe I should lower the temp. to 325. I cooked in muffin tin… might try on the rack next time.

    Again, any advice on fried egg sticking to skillet?

  288. Tammy in Texas says:

    Do not try this in a microwave oven….they WILL EXPLODE! But not in a coventional oven…wayyy cool!! Thanks.

  289. Jenny says:

    As a person who has burnt eggs before ( i can cook, I just forget,lol) I will be trying this soon.

  290. Angela says:

    Spectacular! I’m with Josie on the saving time, especially at Easter! Plus, I’m the family guru for deviled eggs and can’t show up to a family gathering without them. So these tips are priceless! Thanks for sharing AND thank you PINTEREST!

  291. Mark S says:

    Brilliant! Found your thread on Pinterest (something my wife got me absolutely hooked on!) and have been all over the Burlap Bag. I tried the eggs today – flawless! I did a trial with 3 eggs using a regular 6-hole muffin tin. (She won’t let me use her mini trays.) I live at about 5800 feet ASL. At 350 degrees, the eggs came out at 25, 30, and 35 minutes. 25 was perfect and easy to peel. 30 wasn’t too bad, but the white was noticeably firmer. 35 was nearly impossible to peel and the white was rubbery, but the yolks (with an L) were all perfect! These would be perfect for deviled eggs, though I’m using the 6 I just cooked for 25 in tuna salad tonight. Awesome ideas you two! I’ve repinned several things from you now. :)

  292. Sharon says:

    Before putting the eggs in the cold water, crack them all. The water is able to get between the shell and the egg, making it easier to peel. Also, eggs that are exceptionally hard to peel are extremely fresh.
    If you buy eggs from a farmer, and you want them to peel easily, keep them in the fridge for about 6 weeks. They will still be perfectly good but will peel a lot easier. Nice tip for Easter eggs!!

  293. Elizabeth says:

    Tonight I tried this again and it turned out perfect again. Start by trying just one egg to you see if you have the temp right. I have a 1970’s old fashion oven. I had a fresh xtra large egg I put it in a muffin tin right out of the fridge in a non preheated stove at 325 degrees for thirty minutes. When done I put it in cold water (not ice water)I poked a hole in the small end as it was cooling in water as this helps the shell come off even easier. If you have a convection oven the timing will be different.Microwave and convention ovens cook from the inside out cooking the yoke too fast and browns it.

  294. Diane says:

    What a great idea! I too say yolk, never thought there was such a controversary on saying that…. :-)

    I am going to try this for Easter. But since oven temps vary so much and everyone says to bake one egg to test – I’m going to try baking 24 of them, then at 15 minutes take out 1 egg to try it, if done, take them all out, if not, continue cooking the remainder for an additional 5 minutes, try again, etc….you get the gist.

  295. chantelle says:

    lol this was funny and gave me a chuckle :P

  296. Amber says:

    This is great for me because I don’t have room for a pot big enough to boil a large amount of eggs. So I don’t own one. But I do the cooking for Easter. Going to use this method today. Ty for sharing.

  297. Laura says:

    Do NOT cook in the carton…at 325 degrees it will begin to smoke.

  298. Beth says:

    Just baked 3 dozen eggs this way. The only change I made was to add water to the cupcake cups. They came out perfect. 325 for 30 minutes.

  299. Jeannie Goben says:

    Ok peeps lol I just tryed this and they turned out amazin at 350 for 30 mins i only had one crack but i think it was slightly craked to begin with. I pre heated my oven and did not let my eggs get room temp. not sure if this mattered but thats what I did. I’m so proud of them. cant wait to color them I did 24 my first time and only lost 1 not bad at all. well didnt really loose i ate it. and it was awesome loved it. (i’m not an egg eater) so this was amazing. owe the only spots that i couldnt wash off was the part that touched my very old (13 years)muffin pan and that was only the spots that had the teflon worn off. still amazing. no boiling for me ever again.

  300. Jeannie Goben says:

    owe yeah I’m a pinterest baby.and i say yoke! lol Happy egging everyone..

  301. Laura Abrams says:

    I bought MEDIUM size eggs, cooked them at 325 for 22 mins & got perfect eggs. I had done 2 test eggs first & after 20 mins they were perfectly done (in a mini muffin pan) with the brown spots on them. When I looked in the oven when I had 24 eggs on the pan I noticed that the brown dots were not brown yet but still drops of water (obviously from condensation). When I waited another 2 minutes I had brown dots, or burnt water spots & also perfect eggs. So… you can use the brown dots to tell when the eggs are done so you don’t pull them out too soon. No wonder the brown dots go away in the ice bath.

  302. I tried this out today and it worked well. I went with 325º for 30 minutes, and they seem to all be perfect. I didn’t have a mini muffin pan, so I used a regular one, which seemed to work fine. I didn’t notice burn marks on the outside of the shell, but each one did have a few burn marks on the egg white once I peeled them … maybe I’ll try 1-2 minutes less next time and see if that helps.

    One note, if you are wanting these all to have the flat spot (i.e. air bubble under the shell) in the same place, make sure they are all laying in the same way. The mini muffin tin would probably help with this, because you could keep them all upright (for things like deviled eggs, they would look better that way).

  303. Janet Harbert says:

    I tried this last night in order to make deviled eggs for Easter dinner at my parents’ today. They turned out great! There were quite a few brown spots, but nothing a quick nip of the paring knife couldn’t handle. Nobody in my family expects me to make perfectly-shaped eggs anyway ;)

  304. cheryl layne says:

    I think that’s neat. I put bacon in the oven will not cook it any other way comes out perfect, star Bacon in a cold oven at 400* cook for 20 mins cookie sheet depending on how much bacon and thickness time of cooking and oven .

  305. Barbara Russell says:

    I baked mine right out of refrigerator at 350 degrees for 30 min. I had 2 brown spots on the whites of each egg…maybe where they touched the muffin pan. I didn’t have mini-muffin pans, so I just used my regular. Also, they seemed as if they could have been just slightly over cooked. Next time I will try 325 degrees, and I’ll buy a mini muffin tin, because this is definitely better than boiling them, guessing the time, then having them crack. Also, wanted to mention that a friend of mine said she baked hers right on the racks, and did not have spotting on the whites. All in all, it’s an eggs-cellent way to get hard “boiled” eggs, and they peel so easy!

  306. kubreez says:

    1. found a link to this from facebook. :)
    2. gently spin the egg on the counter top/table to test and see if it’s fully cooked (a raw egg won’t spin).
    3. i guess technically this is no longer a “boiled” egg?

  307. Mikayla says:

    this is awesome! now I’m off to make deviled eggs!

  308. Janine Camm says:

    I’m hopeless at hard boiled eggs but this might save me… just can’t justify having the oven on for one or two eggs though.

  309. Jealith says:

    Alton Brown has shown this method for years. It’s great if you are cooking for a picnic or a party and have the stove covered with pots and pans. I like to make pickled eggs and deviled eggs so I do a batch of pickled eggs whenever I need deviled eggs. If I’m just making egg salad I cook them on top of the stove.

  310. Uncle Tim says:

    Ok, we need to rename the entire procedure… Shouldn’t these now be called “Hard Baked Eggs” instead of “Boiled”… hahahaha.. ( Found your link via Facebook/Pillsbury/obsessing )

  311. Krista says:

    This worked great. I had one egg explode but it must have had a crack. The rest were perfect.

    I used 350 for 30minutes on an old apartment style electric stove with eggs that were about 2 weeks past the store sell by date.

    We always have old eggs around and they have always worked great for everything in the past.

  312. magical marty says:

    I put eggs in room temp water in a pot on the stove, no matter how many, bring it to a boil then turn off and walk away. Perfect every time.

  313. Ned says:

    Steaming eggs is the best way ever!! No fuss, no muss, no heating up the house. Just put as many eggs as you like in the steamer, set for 30 mins. When the bell dings take them out and quick cool if you want. I have peeled steamed eggs in TWO pieces of shell, just tap around the middle and gently twist, out pops the egg.

  314. John says:

    Yolk rhymes with folk and that’s no joke.

  315. Tria says:

    I know this is a year old, but I can’t believe the comments about brown spots and easy peel eggs! Fresh eggs from backyards and local farmers markets are always spotty, brown, green and sometimes still dirty not to mention impossible to peel. I am amazed at how many people don’t know anything except assembly line factory made eggs from big name grocery stores. No wonder big business is killing us, because typical people like the ones posting here are more concerned with spots showing up on their perfect white factory made eggs. By the way, the spots are normal no matter the breed of chicken. The spots are bleached away with harsh chemicals at the factory. Same said chemicals seep inside the part that you eat. Please educate yourselves on what you are putting into your body.

  316. Erin says:

    Love that this is hands-off AND the eggs taste good. Brilliant job!

  317. Caitlin says:

    That’s nice, Tria. You should probably note that many of the people asking are trying to make nice presentations for friends and family and are just looking for input. More importantly, many people don’t live near a farm and don’t have the time to travel all that way for perishable foods. Farm fresh eggs also generally cost more than those from the supermarket and many people can’t afford those- especially if they run a cooking-related business and need to buy in bulk. Talk to a minimum-wage worker living in the slums on a big city and tell them about the chemicals they’re exposed to when they don’t have access to or money for the eggs you preach about. Please educate yourself about a world outside your privilege.

  318. Caitlin says:

    I love this! Generally, I boil eggs based off Rachel Ray’s method- bring water to a boil then turn it to a simmer (she turns hers off completely, but I find they aren’t quite done that way) for ten minutes), drain the water, knock the eggs around the pain to help peel them, and peel when cool under running water.

    Still, I also like to make only one or two at a time when I want eggs just for me, and I either have to use a needlessly huge pot of water or constantly watch one that barely holds both eggs to keep it from boiling over. I’m trying this the next time I want eggs as part of a snack. Thank you!

  319. Now I can make bacon and eggs in the oven… Thanks!

  320. Now I can make bacon and eggs in the oven… Thanks!

  321. Joy says:

    Worked great! I was just sure they would explode. Ha! I could have cooked mine a few more minutes. I tried 30 min. to begin with.

  322. Larry says:

    bring eggs to boil,turn down to simmer for
    13 min and put in cold water after 13 min
    and no green.

  323. karen says:

    I have just boiled 8 eggs in water on the stove–I began doing something else and all of a sudden I heard popping sounds–some of my eggs had totally “blown up”, the water had evaporated and on some there are burnt black spots on them–Are they still safe to eat? HELP!!!! It was 8, I said, 8 eggs! WAH! :(

  324. DJH says:

    er…Might I suggest you use that wonderfully cute egg tray to cook them in? It’s stoneware and says right on the description that it can go from the oven to the table.

  325. Lauren T says:

    This is so amazing! I can’t believe this actually works, and that it’s so simple :) awesome, thanks! Keep up the great posts!

  326. Jill says:

    What a fab idea, makes so much sense and will make boiled eggs so much easier to make.

  327. Kylie says:

    I tried this and my eggs turned green. Does anyone have any tips to stop the eggs from going green?

  328. Amy says:

    This is awesome! Def have to try this!

  329. Nikki H says:

    My daughter told me about this great idea. I’m going to have to try it. Are you disappointed that I saw this on instead of pinterest? :)

  330. Jason says:

    If you bake it at lower temperature for much longer, the egg starts to turn brown and get this delicious nutty flavor. I think it was called Moroccan Egg or something like that.

  331. Virginia says:

    I found you on Pinterest, that’s where this lady spends her every spare moment. Would not have known about this WONDERFUL idea otherwise! Thanks for sharing. I too have problems with large batches. Can’t wait to try this! I say yoke, spell it yolk. ;-)

  332. Kristie says:

    Ok I have already tried this and it works GREAT! I used jumbo white eggs. Baked them for 30 mins on 350 degrees and they are perfect! Not only that they peeled easier than ever before. I’m sold, no more boiling eggs for me! Try it! I did have a few brown marks on my eggs where they touched the tin but I did NOT bring them to room temp first so that may be why. At any rate I was pickling and making egg salad so I didn’t mind it at all and these taste amazing!

  333. Patinoz says:

    Here’s another twist on the baked eggs – 300-minute eggs. Probably the ones Jason is thinking of. The recipe is on my website here –

  334. Lynn says:

    Fresh eggs(mine are only a few days laid)cook well when cooked at 325 for 30 minutes and then put in cold water for 10 minutes, and they do peel a little bit better than fresh boiled eggs. The older the egg, the easier it peels. I think the membrane sticks to the white more when it is a fresher egg. Eggs from the store are usually a couple of weeks old when they arrive at the store I am told.

  335. Paul says:

    Holy Hell! Think of the energy cost of using an oven!!!

    But, if you are gonna do it that way, to ensure they don’t explode or crack, prick a hole in the bottom of the egg (fat end). That allows the air in the sac to escape and not blow open the shell. You should be able to buy a little egg pricker in your hardware store or supermarket. Certainly available on Amazon.

  336. Sara says:

    I need to – and will def try this!

  337. Sara says:


  338. CP says:

    Boiling eggs is crazy easy! As others have mentioned… put eggs in cold water (multiple layers are fine), bring to a boil, turn off heat, let them cool down naturally. No timing, hardly any thought. Less energy than the oven method. Also, I like to boil eggs because then I can add a little turmeric to the water, which makes the eggs yellow and then I can easily tell which eggs in the fridge are hard-boiled.

  339. leticia says:

    I did this and it was so easy and turned out great….thanks!

  340. Zheny says:

    I’m going to try these. But…where on earth did you get such weird ideas about how to boil eggs? It’s simple. Put eggs in pan. Add some salt and cold water to cover them. Put on high heat until water starts boiling. Cover and take off heat. In about 15 minutes, pour into a colander and stick in fridge. Peel as needed.

  341. Zheny says:

    Having read a few comments – shell colour depends on breed of chicken. Yolk colour (other than that green ring) depends on diet. What on earth is a Pinterest when it’s at home? Sounds like a child’s toy animal?

  342. wendy says:

    You don’t have to poke a hole in the egg do you. I have an egg cooker and my egg cooker if you don’t poke a hole, the egg could explode from pressure. I’d like to get away from the egg cooker since it is hard to clean. I tried one egg today and it was hard to peel. The yolk was done. I didn’t know if it was over done. I did it 325/30 minutes. Your thoughts.

  343. wendy says:

    You don’t have to poke a hole in the egg do you. I have an egg cooker and my egg cooker if you don’t poke a hole, the egg could explode from pressure. I’d like to get away from the egg cooker since it is hard to clean. I tried one egg today and it was hard to peel. The yolk was done. I didn’t know if it was over done. I did it 325/30 minutes. Your thoughts.

  344. I found one of your images on Pinterest, but it didn’t link back to your site. So I did some digging and found this post. Just tried it today, and WOW. Those other “tricks” are crap. This is clearly the superior method. Thank you! Pinning from HERE right now!

  345. Shasta says:

    I do Low-Carb, so a lot of my day is eating eggs! This is a great idea .. and also I love your Egg Holder! I want one!

  346. Shasta says:

    I do Low-Carb, so a lot of my day is eating eggs! This is a great idea .. and also I love your Egg Holder! I want one!

  347. Sandy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest! I found you there, where I spend countless hours! ha! THIS, is a genius idea, so is the muffin tin! YOU ROCK & thank you for “sharing”, some people won’t share “their secrets”, especially when it comes to cooking/recipes, for whatever reason??? They are TOO self-centered & just think they are too special, I guess. I am 60 yrs old, I know how to cook but always willing to learn more to just get better. I’ve read a lot of these remarks, if the ones that want to stick with the “old ways” then so be it, but, I can’t wait to try this method! I can’t wait to use this method on my eggs for dying for Easter, NO more cracked eggs to lay aside! YAY!!!! So, now my only problem is to learn “my temperature” that will work as my oven seems to bake hotter than the recommended temps/times for everything. I got new double ovens last year & they are JenAir brand & I love them, but they just seem to run very hot. By the way, I am in Missouri, although, I pronounce it, Missourahhh, just who ya talk to….I say both, but, yoke more than yolk. ha Everybody laughs & makes fun of me, it is “worsh” over wash. (born & raised in KS, 7th grade through 12, in CO, got married moved to MO, back to CO for several years & been back in MO the last 24 yrs. It just is…what it is, fokes, I mean folks. By the way, I seen that recipe for oatmeal raisin bars with cream cheese icing (looks like it is to DIE for & I can’t wait to try it), that lead me to the egg thing! Can’t wait to try both & I haven’t even started to look at the rest of your pins! Thanks so much for sharing! Love from Missourahh!!!

  348. Shelley says:

    I’ve never made them in the oven, but I’m definitely going to give it a try and I love the idea of using a muffin tin. The cold water does make them easier to peel. Another trick for peeling is to put them all in a pot with a lid and shake like your popping popcorn. It separates the shell from the eggs. The shells literally just fall off.

  349. Clara says:

    Egg color depends on breed. There is no bleach involved! One of the oldest breeds, Dorkings, lay chalk-white eggs naturally. We have 8 laying hens and the eggs from one of those hens never peels as well as the others. Her mom is one of the other hens and I have no trouble with those eggs. Because we have our own hens I weigh the eggs so I’m working with similar weight eggs in each batch.

    I like the idea of resting the eggs in Kosher salt. I have a jar I keep for making salt baked potatoes and this gives me another use for it. Baked my first batch today while the oven was on for something else. Worked about the same as my usual method, steaming using Alton Brown’s directions.

  350. Kat says:

    Did a batch of fresh farm eggs last week, 350 for 30 mins then into the ice bath, they peeled like a dream, a couple had green halo’s but they taste so much better, most had a brown spot from the aluminum pan will try the silicon one next time, just made an egg salad in the magic bullet,

  351. Manon says:

    To those who say … (Lauren you’re dumb. this takes longer than boiling them!)
    Well they are the dumb ones. If they insist on boiling eggs the proper way to do so is to bring water to a boil. Remove from heat and let stand 30 minutes. Dhu!
    Thanks for this easy recipe.

  352. Molly M says:

    Add a pan of water the bottom of the oven as well.

  353. Matt Wills says:

    I’ve seen this elsewhere, and have asked elsewhere about the energy usage comparison:

    Eggs in cold water, bring to a boil, cover, remove from heat, wait 15 minutes (which has always worked perfectly for me), or

    Preheat an oven to 350 and run it for half an hour.

    And I have to ask why ease of peeling is even mentioned; he/she is talking specifically about eggs for Easter. Who peels those until much later, if at all?

  354. Pat says:

    I just baked one egg at 325 for 30 mins, in a mini cupcake pan. Then I placed the egg in cold water for about 5mins. The egg did have a few brown spots on it after baking, they came off after being placed in the cold water. When cracking the egg it was super easy. The egg did have a little smell at first, it also had a couple of brown spots on the actual egg. No big deal to me, the egg tasted Great!!
    So, now I have 3 dozen of eggs baking :) Hope these all turn out because these are all I have. Having our grandson over tonight to dye Easter eggs.

  355. Nicole says:

    Definitely use older eggs. There will be no brown spots!

  356. Funnermother says:

    Plus, it’ll not add to the humidity in yr house on a hot summer day. In Pittsburgh, this matters — no stovetop boiling, thank you!

  357. Darla Calia says:

    Great post ….and yoke lol

  358. mgaray says:

    Also, if you’ve already got your oven hot to cook something else, just let it run an additional 30 minutes to cook a ton of eggs at the end. Much more efficient, if you ask me…

  359. Joyce says:

    Seems like a great idea; I’ve seen it pinned multiple times in the past, but hadn’t tried it. Think I will tomorrow so I can have deviled eggs to take to work over the weekend. I’m wondering if perhaps lining the muffin tin cups with cupcake liners would help to reduce the brown spots? Just thinking “out loud in cyber space.”

    Eggs really shouldn’t explode in the oven; it’s a slow heat, cooking from the outside in, whereas a microwave cooks by vibration of the food cells, inside to outside, and certainly can explode eggs. I want to try this method of cooking eggs–if it works in the ancient oven in this house (I think it’s from the 1960’s), then I can be the “official” deviled egg supplier at our ICU potlucks :-) ).

    Spelled “yolk,” but pronounced “yoke,” at least in my family. Never really thought about it, LOL.

  360. Michelle says:

    11:10- Found recipe. 11:25- Eggs in oven. 11:55- Put eggs in ice water bath. 11:56- Convinced my daughter we didn’t have to wait since it’s an experiment AND I made an odd amount. I did SAY EGGSperiment and cackled through the kitchen at my wit. 11:57- Happy dance. 12:05- Nine eggs gone. 12:06- 24 eggs in the oven. =) Thank you very much for educating me! Oh, yolk. And, I’ve never peeled easier hard boiled eggs. They are one of my favorite foods. I’m 38. I’m an eggspert peeler. These were fabulous. The brown spots were on the inside of all my eggs, but I think they added character and awesome texture.

  361. Jane says:

    Learned this from a friend and it worked great. Never write down recipe so look it up every time. Found your directions and enjoyed reading them. Not only was it eggcellent as attested by Josiah but also eggceptional (ouch!). I pronounce it yoke BTW.

  362. haileygood says:

    I like your idea because what if you have to make a bazillion deviled legs fir Easter…

  363. CINDY says:

    If your husband hates to peel the eggs. Tell him to put a small hole in each end and blew them out. They are entertained while peeling eggs fast no mess.

  364. Jaqueline says:

    The humor for explaining this was the perfect amount. I enjoyed reading this blog, and i actually did find this link on pinterest. ;’D

  365. RenJac says:

    eh it was ok, but I think i will stick with my way.But it was interesting trying it this away.

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