cutting and dying your own hair

I’ve been dying my own hair since 9th grade. Well, just dying the tips blonde and then pink, purple, blue, etc.
I’ve also been cutting my hair and bangs for two years. Josiah’s been cutting his own hair for two years too!

Seriously… think about all the money we’ve saved from haircuts. It depends on how often you go and where you’re going… but you could be spending $60-300 easily each year. Plus ANY dye work is gonna really cost you. And I’ve spend $0 at a salon. Yay no moniez!

I just recently chopped off a good 7 inches of my hair. And decided to dye 10 inches bubble gum pink. All at home.

and I documented the dye process because it was “hair-larious” to dye more than half of my hair blonde. You may look below:

(goodness. WAY TOO MANY PHOTOS OF ME. Never again, I promise. and depending on the light, the pink looks different.)
Josiah helped me dye it pink. Which I thought was hilarious. Especially because I had small gloves that he had to fit into.
Also hilarious:  My blonde hair after I slept on it. It was just blonde for about 9 hours.
ALSO hilarious: the baked potatoes hanging from my hair in the second picture.

I’m planning on adding some purple and darker pink/red dye in the middle so that it fades to the pink and does an ombre effect.

OK. What I’ve been using since I started dying and cutting:

This bleach kit: Beyond The Zone On/Off Scalp Radical Bleach Kit
This bubble head pink dye: Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink
And for the cutting, Josiah and I both use: Jilbere Precision Cut Comb

Altogether, it cost me $14.28 to dye my hair. And I still have half of the pink hair dye left so I can reapply when my hair starts to fade!
And that “cut comb”, (or razor comb, as Josiah and I call it) costs a whopping $6.29. And it has cut our hair for TWO YEARS.

The razor comb is awesome because it doesn’t chop all your hair off in a straight line like scary scissors. It can create jagged little layers. You can just slowly cut off your hair if you aren’t sure how short you want it. I take it to my bangs every 3ish weeks and just comb out the very tips for a feathery look. Josiah just “combs” his hair with it once every two months and it’s nicely cut.

Granted, I’m sure people at a salon will do a better job cutting my hair than I do. But how many times have you heard people say “they cut it way too short over here!” I have complete control over how long my hair is. I never have to make appointments. Or pay for a bang trim. Or drive to the salon and wait forever. It’s awesome.

Ok. Off soap box. If you wanna stop paying for hair cuts, I’d recommend that comb guy. No, whatever hair company isn’t paying for me to ramble on about their razor comb. I just love it. But if you don’t mind paying for haircuts from professionals who actually know what they are doing, you go right ahead and shell out all that moneyz. :) I will enjoy my cheap highlighter pink hair.

(edit…. and now it’s purple!! )

(squirrel clip from Vinca!)



  1. Megan July 14, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    How many days does the hair dye stay in for?
    Your hair looks amazing by the way!! :D

  2. eanowakattack August 25, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    I invested in a BIG OL TUB of bleach. I think it was 20 dollars? I was lightening all over so it made sense at the time. But I’ve had it for 4 years now, and I’ve been doing my friends hair too. There are more options at Sally’s than getting the bleach kit (for cheaper).

    I love clippers for at home men’s cuts. I do not have a razor comb, but I do use a razor with a guard sometimes. Pretty much the same thing. I just feel like I have to replace the blade super often.

  3. ally July 12, 2013 at 10:55 am

    I bought the scissor comb per your recommendation. Thanks!

  4. Aspen July 31, 2013 at 11:54 am

    This is one of the first post of yours I ever came across and I keep finding myself coming back to it, I love that you are able to dye your hair such bold colors. I am currently employed as a teacher so havong such bold colors is out of the question for me (I have aspirations to be a full time photographer so until then it’s hair extensions for me). But when I am ready, I will find my way back here. :)

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