cutting and dying your own hair

June 22, 2012 by Lauren

and I documented the dye process because it was “hair-larious” to dye more than half of my hair blonde. You may look below:

(goodness. WAY TOO MANY PHOTOS OF ME. Never again, I promise. and depending on the light, the pink looks different.)
Josiah helped me dye it pink. Which I thought was hilarious. Especially because I had small gloves that he had to fit into.
Also hilarious:  My blonde hair after I slept on it. It was just blonde for about 9 hours.
ALSO hilarious: the baked potatoes hanging from my hair in the second picture.

I’m planning on adding some purple and darker pink/red dye in the middle so that it fades to the pink and does an ombre effect.

OK. What I’ve been using since I started dying and cutting:

This bleach kit: Beyond The Zone On/Off Scalp Radical Bleach Kit
This bubble head pink dye: Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink
And for the cutting, Josiah and I both use: Jilbere Precision Cut Comb

Altogether, it cost me $14.28 to dye my hair. And I still have half of the pink hair dye left so I can reapply when my hair starts to fade!
And that “cut comb”, (or razor comb, as Josiah and I call it) costs a whopping $6.29. And it has cut our hair for TWO YEARS.

The razor comb is awesome because it doesn’t chop all your hair off in a straight line like scary scissors. It can create jagged little layers. You can just slowly cut off your hair if you aren’t sure how short you want it. I take it to my bangs every 3ish weeks and just comb out the very tips for a feathery look. Josiah just “combs” his hair with it once every two months and it’s nicely cut.

Granted, I’m sure people at a salon will do a better job cutting my hair than I do. But how many times have you heard people say “they cut it way too short over here!” I have complete control over how long my hair is. I never have to make appointments. Or pay for a bang trim. Or drive to the salon and wait forever. It’s awesome.

Ok. Off soap box. If you wanna stop paying for hair cuts, I’d recommend that comb guy. No, whatever hair company isn’t paying for me to ramble on about their razor comb. I just love it. But if you don’t mind paying for haircuts from professionals who actually know what they are doing, you go right ahead and shell out all that moneyz. :) I will enjoy my cheap highlighter pink hair.

(edit…. and now it’s purple!! )

(squirrel clip from Vinca!)


  1. Tricia Rose says:

    Your hair looks fantastic – I cut and dye mine too, but i’m much more staid than you!

  2. Lauren says:

    tricia rose – thank you! I am a bit daring with my hair… you only live once!!

  3. Ming says:

    Looks awesome! It’s so sweet yhat you and your guy do your hair together! <3 I'm a licensed cosmetologist, and started out cutting my mom's vintage Barbie's and my little sisters' hair in the 1980s (sorry girls!). I have saved a fortune doing my own hair, and wish we'd had all these amazing online tutorials when I was starting out! I relied on the instructions on the package for coloring advice. For basic techniques, DIY is the way to go – like you said, you're taking a chance at the salon too, if your stylist isn't a good listener. But it's also good to cultivate a relationship with a good, attentive stylist who gets you in case something goes wrong and you need to get a botched job fixed. I have always loved Jerome Russel's Punky Color for rainbow hues, it even smells good! Aside from using foils, if you want to lighten select parts of your hair, you can mask the parts you don't want to bleach with conditioner. IMPORTANT RULE: never use black box color unless you're sure you like it – it will fry the hell out of your hair if you decide you want to go blonde after black. Hair is a toy! Have fun with it!

  4. Katie says:

    Oh wow, it looks sweeeeeeeet! Really suits you, great colour! Yes I agree about hair saloning at home – I just get the clippers out and shave it all off every few weeks, helps me to think better, and I like how it looks, and it’s freeeeeeeeeeee! :) The best price!
    Katie. xxx

  5. Lauren says:

    Ming – who are you! Every comment you leave us is always full of great info. I can’t wait to write another post just so I’ll learn something new from your comments :) and I’ll hafta try Jerome Russell’s Punky Color when my pink runs out. The one I used smells too! Ha!

  6. Lauren says:

    Hi Katie! SHAVE?! You are much braver than I am. I can’t bare to part with my precious pink locks. Maybe a section… someday! Just checked out your blog and I’m kinda obsessed now with your van-home, Peggy. Um, amazing. Yay for other weird youngin’s. (i’m just 23!)

  7. Ros says:

    You have read my mind. About a year ago out of the blue I started to why for 15 YEARS I have willingly forked over $150 or so to a salon to perk up my color without even once just
    TRYING a box from the store. And then I tried it. $8. 15 minutes. Perfect color. I’m not only delighted with this new knowledge, I am borderline shocked – and I even get more compliments on my hair color now than before.

  8. MtnMamaK says:

    I’ve been cutting my own hair for years, and yeah, *hi5* never going back to a salon for that. But dying…that I have a question about! And it’s probably a really no-brainer kind of question…but did you have to do the blonde before the purple and pink would show up? I’m betting yes, but still better to ask than not, right? :)

  9. Lauren says:

    Hi there MtnMamaK – since my hair is so so so dark brown, I definitely had to bleach it all first so the purple and pink would show up. If I just added pink dye to my hair, you would see… brown hair. Ha. So boring. :) try it!

  10. Bethany says:

    With the colorful hair, a way to save money is buy washing it once a week, and also to wash in as cold water as you can stand it until you add conditioner then it can be washed in hot water. I dye my hair crazy colors all the time, I’ve had my entire head a turquoise that faded into sea foam green. Also, if you don’t have time to dye your hair all the time, take a sharpie or two and cut the top off and add the ink to the dye it will last through warm water for longer. I know many cosmetologist will say that this is bad for your hair; however, whenever I go to get my hair cut they always compliment on how healthy mine is. Another life saver for hair are the cheap conditioning packs at Sally’s, they work like a miracle!

  11. Vixie says:

    Love the purple – I’m planning on doing mine purple and green for the summer now that I’ve quit my job, this tutorial is awesome help, thank you!

  12. Lauren says:

    Bethany thanks for all the tips! I can’t EVER take cold showers… but maybe I’ll try washing it in the sink.

    Vixie and Bethany – please post links of your hair!! I need more hair inspiration for whenever I’m tired of purple/pink!

  13. Jessica says:

    I love you hair!! It is so so cute! But what I’m wondering is where did you get the squirrel hair tie/barette? I love squirrels and I would love to get my hands on one of those! PS Your hair is so great! I wish I wasn’t in the real world, so I could do that!

  14. Lauren says:

    Jessica it’s from this lovely shop Vinca – click on the hair clip section on the left! :) she has the cutest animal stuff.
    Thanks about the hair. It took some cuts. Maybe one day you can do it too :)

  15. Laura! says:

    WOAAAAH! I love your hair, it’s so amazingly wildly colourful! I have had my hair red and black, and purple and blonde before, but I want to go wilder, much MUCH wilder! But I’ve been scared that I will be losing the quality of my hair. I already dye it loadsssss, but mostly brown, or purply/red. But this time I am changing, and going all colours :D! I can’t wait to do it, I just needed some tips ofr bleaching, and thank you for this, because it has made it so simple for me, and now I can do it with confidence.
    I’ve always also wanted to cut my own hair, but I haven’t been wild enough, who knows? Someday I will.. I’m just not brave enough to embrace that quite yet. Haha ;) but thank you for this, you have some great tips. If you have any good ideas what I could do? I have dark-ish brown hair at the moment, and I want it to be something like the style you have the colours, but I don’t know what colours? I like purple and blues, but I also like seafoam green! …Any Ideas? please help :D …Thank you again :D! X

  16. Megan says:

    How many days does the hair dye stay in for?
    Your hair looks amazing by the way!! :D

  17. eanowakattack says:

    I invested in a BIG OL TUB of bleach. I think it was 20 dollars? I was lightening all over so it made sense at the time. But I’ve had it for 4 years now, and I’ve been doing my friends hair too. There are more options at Sally’s than getting the bleach kit (for cheaper).

    I love clippers for at home men’s cuts. I do not have a razor comb, but I do use a razor with a guard sometimes. Pretty much the same thing. I just feel like I have to replace the blade super often.

  18. ally says:

    I bought the scissor comb per your recommendation. Thanks!

  19. Aspen says:

    This is one of the first post of yours I ever came across and I keep finding myself coming back to it, I love that you are able to dye your hair such bold colors. I am currently employed as a teacher so havong such bold colors is out of the question for me (I have aspirations to be a full time photographer so until then it’s hair extensions for me). But when I am ready, I will find my way back here. :)

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