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October 30, 2012 by Lauren

online shop! We had to worry about the soy melting when it was hot. Josiah and I make each and every candle in our home… and it stanks like that scent for days. Ha! Just kidding, we love it, and the “stank” is actually really great.

Buy all the candles you want and they’ll ship for a flat $6, no matter how many you buy.

Here’s a few shop favorites: (because they are hilarious AND smell good!) 

monkey farts. (everyone’s reaction: “oh that actually smells really good!” were you expecting us to make a bad smelling candle……)

butter beer. yum. wizardy.

unicorn puke. (quote that someone actually said to me this weekend: “I don’t know why anyone would make anything called unicorn puke” because we are immature and it’s funny to us.)

butt naked. (another weekend quote: “Butt naked, I’m not even going to smell that”)


Please go check out the other silly AND normal candle scents! When you buy a candle, you help us buy a cupcake. Or kitty food. Or zucchini. Ya know, life’s necessities.

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  1. Erin Inala says:

    I, for one, LOVE the candle names! They’re fun! Some people just don’t get things that are awesome. What can I say? That just leaves more awesome for the rest of us.

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