October shop update

October 18, 2012 by Lauren

We just got in lots and lots of fun magnets! These silly bright animal ones, some ceramic ones, some wood ones, and more. You’ll hafta come in to see them all though!

More Leah Duncan items! We already have many of her tea towels and prints – but now we have greeting cards! And these are so great. The Leah Duncan tea towels are in our online shop and hopefully soon these greeting cards will be too.

“Uncommon” coasters and hair pins – these hair pins are the cuuuuutest. All online as well :)

And lastly – some soaps and lip balms. Yes, that’s unicorn farts scent. Ha! Also online. I’ve gotta stop saying that.

We now are making 21 (21!!!) different candle scents. Yes, Josiah and I are out of our minds.
Soon, we’ll finally be able to add them to our online shop! It’s been too hot still and the soy wax would melt during shipping. Hopefully by November we’ll be able to ship them. If not, then TEXAS YOU ARE RIDICULOUS.

We also made an instagram for our kitties… because we’re ridiculous people. And because our life is ridiculous, they ALREADY have DOUBLE followers than we do… in under a week! No one can resist our ridiculously cute kittehz.  @carrotsandturnip if you need more cuteness in yo life.


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