10 pairs of earrings – a giveaway

December 6, 2013 by Lauren

It’s time for another giveaway! This is open for just one week so that we can make sure to get these earrings out to the winner in time for Christmas!

Yep, an earring giveaway – and TEN pairs of them! 
and the winner gets to pick which ten they receive out of a bazillion options!

a giveaway for 10 pairs of earrings - The Burlap Bag

get excited. 10 pairs. imagine what you could do with them! be awesome and give them to 10 different friends and family members. keep them all for yourself and have the coolest earring collection. give half away so you’re both generous AND have a cool collection.

There are 7 super simple possible ways to enter the giveaway (some of which you might’ve have already done!). Facebook, following our ridiculous kitties on instagram, telling us if you believed in Santa (we hope people have humorous answers for us to read….)

Use the “rafflecopter” widget below to enter! and do all 7 entries to increase your chances of winning! Or just do 1 or 2 if you’re lazy.
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(and yes, we will check to make sure that the winner ACTUALLY does the entries! So be good!) 



    Yes! I believe in Santa! The best ones always will~

  2. Rachel says:

    I never believed in Santa; my parents never introduced me to him. In second grade, the kid sitting next to me was adamant that he existed and I told him he was wrong. We argued for a while…and then he got upset. Instead of apologizing and lying to make him feel better, I was like, what the heck dude, ACCEPT THE TRUTH. The substitute came to see what was going on and by this point, the kid was inconsolable. The teacher next door had to be called over to calm him down.

    And I had to move my clip to red.

    *parts of the story are exaggerated.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I sort of believed in Santa when I was 5. All my gifts were labeled from family members so I kinda caught on.

  4. Sydney says:

    I stopped believing when I found the presents “santa” left a week before hidden in my parents bedroom. However, my brother believed and still believes in Santa. My parents go to great lengths to support his belief. Last year my brother left a camera for Santa to take pictures of him eating cookies. The pictures of Santa were clearly the edges of a santa hat and the blanket around our Christmas tree, however, my parents played it off as Santa not being technologically savvy enough to work the camera and get a proper picture. My brother was and is still convinced he holds pictures of Santa Claus

  5. Kristin says:

    I believed for a long time. My friends tried to tell me Santa wasn’t real bit I just knew he was because my brother got a TV for Christmas and I knew my parents wouldn’t spend that much money on him. I think I also worried that I wouldn’t get presents if I didn’t believe.

  6. Sarah says:

    I definitely believed in Santa, a little too long for comfort. I was told by a friend and was devastated but got over it! :)

  7. Tracy says:

    Of course I believe! Still do! haha

  8. Mandy Hampton says:

    I believed in Santa until I was about 5… and don’t remember why I stopped believing.

  9. Brianna says:

    I believed in Santa! I can’t really remember when I stopped, other than noticing that Santa’s handwriting was very similar to my parents :)

  10. Heather says:

    I believed in Santa until I was 6, I think. By then, rumors were rampant at school that he was *gasp* really just your parents, so that Christmas, I was on high alert!
    Two things happened that year that solidified Santa=parents: first, I got a package of balloons that had a Kmart price tag that had been overlooked. Second, my mom made these soft mints every Christmas & I was responsible for putting some out for Santa. When I did (from the Tupperware container), I noticed the pattern of the remaining mints. The next morning, there were more mints!
    Sad year for Santa, that one.

  11. what?! there is no Santa???!! Of course I believe- still do! ( in the spirit of giving in the name of the Lord’s birth that is..) It was a wonderful part of childhood, in the spirit of giving, and we knew it was in celebration of the birth of Christ as children, even though my parents weren’t believer’s at that time. (my grandmother was though)…then we also loved to celebrate little Christmas like some of our European friends did at the beginning of January… and our Eastern European friends celebrated St Nicklaus day on Dec 6 actually.

  12. Jess says:

    I believe!!!

  13. Santa was great, but there came an age when I didn’t like the idea of a fat guy coming into my house while I was sleeping and stealing food…

  14. laura says:

    At one time

  15. Sean says:

    I believe in Santa, even when my dear older sister told me when i was six that it was mum and dad, i refused to believe her!

  16. Michelle B says:

    No, never really cared about santa! Didn’t bother to even address it with my little brother, but don’t think he cared either…must have been my parent’s who never used Santa as a way of getting us to ‘be good’ :)

  17. My parents never told us that there *was* a Santa. We always got a present from “Santa,” but we knew it was from my Mom and Dad. Still, it was fun for them to try to hide our gifts from us. And I think that I did tell the next door neighbor that Santa wasn’t real. Her mom told us both that he might not come to my house because I didn’t believe in him, but that he was real and that he did go to their house.

  18. Unfortunately, my parents were the “no Santa” type! I don’t remember ruining him for anyone else, but give my personality type, it’s quite possible. :D

  19. Carly says:

    Oh yeah I believed in Santa. I am the oldest of 3 and I can remember my brother spoiling my plan to stay up all night and see Santa, he told our mom what the plan was!

  20. mary says:

    Heck Ya Santa is real He has alwas been good to me and my brothers and sister. Santa has carried his good cheer, love and being very generous to all my family and friends thru the generations and I believe he will continue always toeveryone on Earth Forever. Thank You Santa

  21. Kathy Bellamy says:

    I still believe or at least in the spirit of Christmas. I guess I was 5 when I learned the truth, but I got to keep believing for my little sister.

  22. Jamie Snurkowski says:

    I believed until late grade school, I played along for my little sister though, to keep the spirit alive!

  23. Truly says:

    When I was little my parents took all 5 of the little munchkins to the mall to see Santa and when I sat on his lap, he asked me if I had been a good girl. I of course said yes,always the perfect angel, with the exception of bringing dozens of potato bugs into the house in a wagon because they were going in my doll house to be a family. Santa told me I was being a good girl except I kept leaving my wet towel on the bathroom floor after I took a bath. After pulling my guilty jaw off the floor, the realization of Santa’s existence was now factual and here to stay. It should have creeped me out, the thought of a jolly fat man stalker that obviously peeked through my windows, but that’s the magic of being a believer . :0)

  24. Rebecca Lin says:

    I did not believe in Santa as my parents decided not to celebrate any religious holidays and told me Santa was Satan with the letters rearranged.

  25. charlene decosta says:

    I loved Santa Claus and because I had a younger brother I could stretch it out a little longer telling him all about Santa.

  26. One of my earliest memories is of receiving a blue plastic purse for Christmas and being frankly STUNNED that Santa knew my favorite color.

  27. The Santa story was not strongly encouraged so it faded away pretty quickly.

  28. cheryl says:

    i never really believed but i totally didn’t spoil it for others!

  29. Amanda m says:

    I believed in Santa. I been real good this year! ok Maybe not that good..

  30. genp37 says:

    If you ever believed in Santa Claus. If yes, how did the shocking truth finally come out? If no, were you one of those kids who spoiled it for others?
    I did. My best friend told me. I was angry at first since I thought she was lying. I don’t remember what my parents said.

  31. kyndall says:

    I always believed, I still do. The spirit of Christmas/Santa is very real!

  32. virginia says:


  33. sharon says:

    when santa has my mom’s handwriting, the cover is blown. just sayin’.

  34. Ellyn says:

    I started to grow suspicious when the cookies we left out for santa were always my dad’s favorite….

  35. Melanie Fee says:

    I still believe in Santa!

  36. Kathleen says:

    I did believe in Santa until my friend Karen said she saw her dad putting the presents under the tree…

  37. Kali Hart says:

    Yes! I believed in Santa! Unfortunately I found out by finding my mom signing the from Santa gift tags. She still does it.. It’s still my favorite tradition my family does. :)

  38. zainab says:

    nope. Never did

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