Wholesaling candles

We’ve been working hard at upping our candle game. Josiah and I have tested out new scents, new names, and new packaging. Greta (now 3 months old) has helped tons too.

We’re attending a wholesale show in Dallas and another one in Las Vegas this summer to try to get these ridiculous named candles in stores all over the US. We had all the names lasercut on huge pieces of felt so they can be seen from far away…. everyone NEEDS to know what unicorn puke smells like!

Photo Jun 19, 9 08 05 AM(here Josiah is at our Dallas show!)

We also created a wholesale website for easy ordering, and we’re makin’ candles nonstop to gear up for the holiday season. (plus all the candles are available in our regular online shop for non-shop owners! also, use the coupon code “PUPPIES” for 25% off candles on our retail site this weekend only!!) 

We’ve been busy busy bees! (speaking of bees, one of our new candle names is “the bee’s knees”!)




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