Reusing candle jars

What’s better than recycling? REUSING!

When y’all burn your candles and bring us back the empty jars, you get $1 off your next candle and we clean out the jars and use them again!

Y’all don’t have to clean them before you bring them back, but we get a lot of questions about the best way to clean them (fortunately soy candles are really easy to clean out). Here’s what we do:

  1. Stick ‘em upside down on foil in the oven as low as your oven gets (ours does 200 degrees). Wax will fall down onto the foil
  2. Wipe out the jar with a cloth or paper towel to get any remaining drips of wax (careful, the jar might be a bit hot!)
  3. Soak the jar for a few minutes in warm water so you can peel off the front sticker & bottom sticker
    & that’s it! It’s a bit time consuming, but Greta thinks helping clean the jars is fun. (& she’s learning about reusing & recycling!)

p.s. If you live in Austin, the best way to get us your empty candle jars is to bring them to our store!



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