1. Resolutions for 2014:

    December 28, 2013 by Lauren

    2013 has been a very busy year! I’m sure we’ll do a “wrapping up 2013” post, but for now, here’s our resolutions for 2014:

    -Buy local
    -Buy handmade

    (for the shop, we already strictly buy handmade, but we’re working on buying more LOCAL!)

    Resolutions for 2014: Buy local, buy handmade - The Burlap Bag

    And this is the latest chalkboard sign in the window – trying to inspire others to also buy local & handmade!

  2. 10 pairs of earrings – a giveaway

    December 6, 2013 by Lauren

    It’s time for another giveaway! This is open for just one week so that we can make sure to get these earrings out to the winner in time for Christmas!

    Yep, an earring giveaway – and TEN pairs of them! 
    and the winner gets to pick which ten they receive out of a bazillion options!

    a giveaway for 10 pairs of earrings - The Burlap Bag

    get excited. 10 pairs. imagine what you could do with them! be awesome and give them to 10 different friends and family members. keep them all for yourself and have the coolest earring collection. give half away so you’re both generous AND have a cool collection.

    There are 7 super simple possible ways to enter the giveaway (some of which you might’ve have already done!). Facebook, following our ridiculous kitties on instagram, telling us if you believed in Santa (we hope people have humorous answers for us to read….)

    Use the “rafflecopter” widget below to enter! and do all 7 entries to increase your chances of winning! Or just do 1 or 2 if you’re lazy.
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    (and yes, we will check to make sure that the winner ACTUALLY does the entries! So be good!) 

  3. Use velcro to keep rugs/mats from sliding

    December 2, 2013 by Lauren

    Our two stinky kitties LOVE to play on our rugs… and run on our rugs…. and roll around on our rugs…. and therefore they always get rumpled! It drives me crazy to fix them everyday.

    Well – we’ve figured out a solution:

    Use velcro to keep rugs & mats from sliding

    Use velcro to keep rugs/mats from sliding - The Burlap BagSimply get some adhesive velcro from the fabric/craft/hardware/office supply store. (Ours was actually called “hook-and-loop” – apparently velcro is the brand!) Then you wanna make sure that the adhesive ISN’T going to hurt your flooring when you want to take it off later. We have a laminate tile in our kitchen, and then super sweet old wood floors that already have a nice “aged” look :)

    Then just stick one part on the rug, and then one part on the ground. I’d suggest doing this on both sides of your rug.

    You could even get hardcore about it and sew the velcro onto the rug if you want it to really stay on there. Then you can stick it in the wash when it needs it!

    Another option – doing this with your car rugs! Ours always slide all over the place.

    …….sorry kitties – the rugs are no longer for funsies. 

  4. Stocking Stuffer Party

    November 26, 2013 by Lauren

    We’re throwing a stocking stuffer party!

    stocking stuffer party

    As you can see in the graphic above, there are many reasons to come!
    -3 FREE & awesome DIY projects (2 instructed by The Confetti Committee, and one by us.)
    -a huge Vinca sale (she makes amazing jewelry. come grab $5 earrings and $1 rings!)
    -FREE milk and cookies! (and white russians & wine for those of age!)

    It should be a fun time. RSVP on facebook so we know how many to expect!