DIY cork coasters

We had a stocking stuffer party back in December that was tons of fun – we had 3 different projects for people to do, and a huge sale from one of our favorite jewelry artists, Vinca.

One of the free projects we had for people were these awesome cork coasters.

DIY cork coasters - The Burlap Bag

We started off with huge sheets of cork that we cut into 4inch x 4inch square pieces. (here’s a link to something similar to what we bought, but ours was flat//not a roll)

We then cut and painted them to have cute designs. We traced our shapes and designs with pencil, which worked best for us rather than free-handing everything, as we could erase as needed :). We attempted using paint pens but found that just a thin paint brush and white paint worked beautifully.

Cut ideas: circles, squares, triangles, hexagons, pentagons, state shapes, hearts, etc.

Paint ideas: polka dots, zig zags, simple lines, a simple little heart where your city is in the state, etc.

Tie 4 or 5 together and they make a super cute housewarming gift!

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Use velcro to keep rugs/mats from sliding

Our two stinky kitties LOVE to play on our rugs… and run on our rugs…. and roll around on our rugs…. and therefore they always get rumpled! It drives me crazy to fix them everyday.

Well – we’ve figured out a solution:

Use velcro to keep rugs & mats from sliding

Use velcro to keep rugs/mats from sliding - The Burlap BagSimply get some adhesive velcro from the fabric/craft/hardware/office supply store. (Ours was actually called “hook-and-loop” – apparently velcro is the brand!) Then you wanna make sure that the adhesive ISN’T going to hurt your flooring when you want to take it off later. We have a laminate tile in our kitchen, and then super sweet old wood floors that already have a nice “aged” look :)

Then just stick one part on the rug, and then one part on the ground. I’d suggest doing this on both sides of your rug.

You could even get hardcore about it and sew the velcro onto the rug if you want it to really stay on there. Then you can stick it in the wash when it needs it!

Another option – doing this with your car rugs! Ours always slide all over the place.

…….sorry kitties – the rugs are no longer for funsies. 

Buy velcro online:

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christmas light storage

This life hack dealy is one that my mom has been doing FOREVER. Moms are so smart. And it just occurred to me that some people might not know about this sweet and super simple tip…. (as I see people post comical photos of their headache-worthy tangly mess of Christmas lights…. or talk about putting up lights and THEN realizing half the strand is out!)

Wrap your Christmas lights on cardboard for tangle-free storage! 

Wrap your Christmas lights on cardboard for tangle-free storage! - The Burlap Bag

While you’re taking them off the tree or outside or wherever, just wrap them around a 7x9ish piece of cardboard. You can even keep multiple strands stuck together (there’s 2 in the photo above).

Make sure you leave the plug accessible – – but you might wanna tuck it into the lights a little so it doesn’t unravel – – and then next year you can test them before you place them nicely all around the tree and realize that the whole strand is out or half the lights don’t work or it’s those crazy bright LED ones and the rest of your tree has the nice soothing golden lights…..

For extra measure, my mom always writes “TEST FIRST!” on the cardboard just so she remembers to test them.

I know this post is a little early and would be better timed come January, but I figured if I posted it in January, some people would be like “oh man, I just put away my lights and could’ve used this tip!” SO – – – pin it now on pinterest///remember this sucker for post-holidays :). (or maybe you’ve gotta put away some Halloween lights in a couple of weeks!) 

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store headphones in a mint container

If this lil’ idea helps no one but myself, that’s ok. Josiah thought I was kinda a freak for being excited about it.

But every time I travel, I just shove my headphones in my backpack or purse, and they end up getting smushed at the bottom and a huge tangly mess. (yes, I know there’s life hacks out there for keeping your headphones tangle free. This isn’t about that. This is just concerning WHERE my headphones stay!)

I had this cool container from ginger mints that I absolutely loved and was holding onto because it was a pretty orange.

Why not…. keep my headphones in there??!

store headphones in a mint container - The Burlap Bag

Now if they end up at the bottom of my purse, I don’t have to worry about them getting squashed. They’ll be safe in their little box – and they are less likely to get tangly because they are all snug!

If you already have your own way of storing your headphones – awesome. If not, keep the container next time you buy mints! (and if this helps you, then yay, my blog post was a success!)

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