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  1. extreme caprese salad

    June 3, 2013 by Lauren

    extreme caprese salad

    Caprese Salad base:


    “Extreme” added ingredient options (our go-tos every time):
    -AVOCADOS (you seriously don’t need any olive oil if you mix in an avocado. they are like crack.)
    -bell pepper
    -crouton-sized bread pieces
    -creole seasoning (we use this instead of salt. also like crack)


    Other options:
    Spinach, lime juice, raw onions, beans, olive oil, salt, rice, I mean SERIOUSLY ANYTHING.

    We cut up all the veggies into bite sized pieces, shred the cheese (I definitely prefer little pieces everywhere to a big ole chunk of cheese. I want it in every bite!), and tear the bread up small. We then mix everything together and the avocado makes an amaaaazing coating for everything, almost into a giant guacamole? Then consume consume consume. Just with a fork. Or your face.

    We’ve been using fresh tomatoes, bell pepers, and basil straight from our garden! Using food that you grow is amazing, seriously. (If you don’t follow us on da instagrams, we posted a photo of our beautiful bell peppers the other day!)

  2. use a carrot to transport knives

    May 14, 2013 by Lauren

    Use a carrot to transport knives (perfect for picnics!)


    I actually got this idea from a book – they mentioned to use two wine corks. Which I then tried and almost sliced my finger off…. it was so dry, there was no getting the knife in there!

    So I thought for a minute about what else I could use… a carrot! We just sliced through the carrot with the entire blade until the knife was halfway through the carrot – and then just stopped so that it stayed in there. Carrots are thick enough that it won’t continue going through all on its own. (you could also try a squash or something like that, but they aren’t quite as hard). And when you get back home, just eat the carrot! No wasting! And no blood. It’s what I would call a perfect day.

    Go enjoy yourself a good picnic for me, no blood please.

  3. basic raw oats recipe

    February 1, 2013 by Lauren

    raw oats - the burlap bag

    Now before you get yourself in a tizzy about how the oats aren’t actually raw because the manufacturer usually slightly heats them before they go to the grocery store…. calm it down. By “raw” oats, we just mean that we aren’t heating/cooking them at all. 

    The recipe is SO easy! Just tweak it to your own palate.

    Basic Raw Oats Recipe

    —Soak overnight: equal parts LIQUID and OATS. Put them in the fridge if there’s dairy or something that says to keep cold once opened, like soy milk.

    Liquid options: Milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, water, apple juice, and many more I’m sure!

    Oat options: Old-fashioned oats, quick oats, and steel cut oats. (although steel cut oats are a little chewy. Maybe if you soak them 24 hours instead of 12 hours they’d get softer)

    Mix-in options: ENDLESS! honey, cinnamon, & pecans are some of our favorites. You could add ground flax seed, chia seeds, bananas, peaches, raisins, spices, brown sugar, coconut… and more and more.
    We add in our mix-ins the night before – we’ve been adding honey and it soaks into the oats and tastes amazing.


    If you find that in the morning, it’s too “not wet” enough, you can add in more liquid right then!
    We put 1/4 cup of regular oats & 1/4 cup of some milkish thing in a mason jar and it’s perfect for us.


    And that’s it! Tell us what mix-ins you think would be awesome! (or liquid! I want to try apple juice….sounds intriguing)

  4. nutella + milk + heat = AMAZING hot chocolate!

    December 19, 2012 by Lauren


    Nutella + milk + heat = amazing hot chocolate. That’s seriously all there is to it. Pour some milk in a pan. Put in a gob of nutella. There’s no measurements for this. If it’s looking too “milky”, add some nutella. Taste it and if it’s too “nutellay” (not possible…), then add more milk. As you heat up the milk and nutella, the nutella will melt/dissolve into the milk. Give it a couple of minutes and you’ll have some lucious looking hot chocolate. And it will taste AMAZING and so hazelnutty.

    Do you see that gob of nutella? Yeah, I put another one in there later because it neeeeeeded more hazelnut/chocolatey goodness.

    We’ve been doing this since last year and a couple of days ago…. I had a genius idea. Add in some peppermint schnapps to make it a “peppermint hot chocolate”… (and boozy hot chocolate. hey don’t judge me it’s been a long & crazy week!)  Ummmm it’s delicious. If you’re not feeling particularly boozy/you’re growing a child/you think alcohol is evil/ you think 10am is too early for a drink, you can always use peppermint syrup! No alcohol there.

    I”m sure this would be amazing with some whipped cream on top too – but that would require more work on my part. And just the nutella and milk is so so so so so so so great tasting. YES, it’s worth all of those so’s! Don’t buy those terrible powdered fake chocolate packets for hot chocolate again.

    Go try it for yourself. You won’t regreat it. It’s so easy.

    (p.s. I just searched on amazon for nutella and was SHOCKED at all the things that come up! A 5 pack of nutella jars, a 96 count of mini servings, “nutella and go” (apparently nutella snack packs with little crackers! where has this been hiding all my life??!), and last but not least…. an 11 pound tub of nutella imported from italy. WHAAAAAAAT. seriously. check these out. you can find the weirdest/most amazing things online.)