DIY room air freshener

December 20, 2011 by Lauren

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We have two cats. They get stanky. And I refused to buy air fresheners. It turns out I already had everything I needed for a homemade and EASY air freshener! No more stank in our house.

What you need:

A container (we used these)
Baking soda
Essential oil
Foil (or a lid you want to ruin and poke holes in)

This gets really complicated so pay attention….

1. Pour baking soda into container, about 1/4 full. Pour in 8ish drops of essential oils.

Oh. That’s it. Just the one step.

Well, add a lid if you want. You could nail holes into a mason jar lid but I didn’t want to ruin one. I just covered it with foil and poked some holes. No one will see mine (it’s high up on a shelf) so it didn’t need to have a pretty lid. But make yours as pretty as you want.

Seriously the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Every once in awhile, go shake it so everything mixes and freshens the stinky smells.



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(p.s. we’ve had a lot of people email us asking where to get those jars! here here!)


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  2. Sarah D says:

    This is such a great idea! I took it and ran with it a bit. I had a bunch of old canning jars that I’d used to make my own gel air fresheners but it’s kind of a pain. This was super easy! I topped it off with a couple pieces of tulle secured with a rubber band and then a ribbon. So cute! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Catherine says:

    I did this last night and it took less than a minute. I used pretty jars and lavender oil. This morning my kitchen smells delightful! Thank you!

  4. Joy says:

    What a great idea! Trying to do natural things now so ts fits right in

  5. Lauren says:

    That is such a great idea Sarah! I’ll have to do add some fabric to mine… thanks for the idea!

  6. Erin says:

    I tried this but wasn’t very pleased. I like strong smelling air fresheners and this lasted about 2 days.

  7. Rosário Sousa says:

    LOVE this DIY…its late night here but still going to do it!!! ;)) ty 4 sharing ;))BTW,i’m one of the seekers of ur gourgeous bowl :))

  8. Brooke says:

    I can’t wait to try this. I am tired of buying the expensive air fresheners.

  9. I love this idea. I went out the same day and bought a bottle of grapefruit essential oil. I already had lemongrass oil, and decided to try combining the two — they go together well!

  10. Samantha says:

    Much better than strong air fresheners that are full of chemicals! That stuff is nasty. As for only lasting two days, so what? Natural things have a shorter shelf-life and create less waste. And if your house is fairly clean, you don’t need to constantly deodorize it. You could use this for essential oils that are beneficial in other ways. For instance, lemon grass is supposed to help clarify your thinking, and lavender help you sleep.

  11. Maggie says:

    After the “scent” runs out you can then reuse the baking soda mix as a carpet deodorizer just sprinkle and vacuum!

  12. Kathy says:

    I love this idea!! :)

  13. Kay says:

    I tried this today with Lavender essential oil…and my kitchen smells so fresh. And when it no longer
    smells fresh,the mixture will be used for cleaning up my new stove top. Baking soda works so well on those spills without doing any damage to your beautiful appliances!!

  14. Wanda P. says:

    Where do you get those esssential oils?

  15. sparkle rainbow says:

    had to do a second take on ur banner… phew it really is moving- notanacidflashback.

  16. Stephanie R says:

    Such a great and easy idea! Im going to have to give this a try!

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  18. Shabby Jen says:

    I have one even easier than that!
    Put a few drops of 2 different scents of essential oils on your intake filter in house ac/heating unit. Then turn the FAN ON manual for a few minutes. It permeates your entire home. (don’t forget to switch it back to AUTO when you are done. Then the next time your heat or ac goes on the pretty scent will still be there.

  19. Holly says:

    I do the same and make my own carpet freshener. Same ingredients although sometimes instead of baking soda, I use borax. I put it in an old plastic container with holes punched into its cover and then sprinkle onto my carpet, leave for a bit and then vacuum it up. I especially like to use citronella essential oil cuz it seems to keep fleas, etc. away!

  20. Jeanne Parra says:

    I love this idea! I am always looking for scents that help with the pet scents. I also like the idea of using it for carpets! Thanks for the DIY :)

  21. Darlene K. Walsh says:

    LOVE IT~~What a great way to save money on air freshener and so much safer:)

  22. Becky says:

    Love this idea! Can’t wait to try it.. Where is a good place to find essential oils?

  23. Lauren says:

    I bought my essential oil at Whole Foods (I know, I know. It was expensive. But convenient.)

  24. Andrea says:

    I currently am out of canning jars, but I found some clearanced cheese/pepper flake shakers like the ones you’d find at a pizza place. No need to poke holes, they’re already there! I love it!

  25. Rae Cicelske says:

    this winer we took Purex crystals and put them into “wedding favor ” organza bags from Dollar tree and tied the bags ti the heat ducts in our rooms….I will try this now in the bags and see how it works.thanks great idea

  26. Katie says:

    I am totally sold. I just may invest in some essential oils (or just a fragrance oil since I doubt I can find essential oil at Walmart) and baking soda, but I know I’ve got the jars.

  27. Charlotte says:

    our Walmart carries essential oils in the craft section :o) if not craft stores in candle making aisle …

  28. kellie Smith says:

    What a terrific idea! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  29. jennifer says:

    Great idea goin to try I love air freshners and spend alot of money on themthis is alot cheaper

  30. I’m guessing this would work as well with lemon juice maybe? as in the fresh variety?

  31. veronica says:

    It works REALLY well in my teeny tiny toilet room! I did peppermint – smells like Christmas in there. =) Thanks for the uber-easy DIY that even *I* can do.

  32. Bella says:

    I have taken the same little squatty Mason jar, filled it
    3/4 full with dried used coffee grounds, stretched a square of dark colored (my preference) clean pantyhose (who wears these things anymore anyway?)over the top and used the ring to secure. Placed in my fridge…smells so clean and fresh.

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  34. Jayme says:

    Does baking powder work as well?

  35. Jennifer says:

    Excellent!!!! I get a migraine from every air freshener ever purchased, this is on my TO DO for tomorrow!!

  36. Jules says:

    I buy the cheese shaker jars from the Dollar Store. Great as a carpet freshener too!

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  38. Sue Sullivan says:

    Hi. I just used your air freshner idea. I wanted to share that i used a
    Stemed old fashioned ice cream dish used lavender essential oil and then covered it with GLAD “Press and Seal” then used a knife to put a few holes in the top. Now a clear top on my dish that is cute. You know it would look crafty to put a row of ribbon around the top. Even the curled ribbon you use on presents!! I think the Press and Seal should hold if no one opens it up. Im trying it tonight. Sue

  39. Kendra says:

    Love love love essential oils! Another thing to do with sweet orange essential oil and baking soda is mix the 2 together and using a broom sweep into your carpet, wait about 10 min and vaccum it up. Not only does it leave the carpet smelling fresh and clean it also freshens up the sweeper :).
    Btw, definitetly trying the air freshener idea when I get home.

  40. Wow great idea! How long will this last?

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  43. Willow Rose says:

    While making this I decided to also add a few drops of food coloring. Then I shook it up to spread the color and scent throughout the powder, and it turned out beautiful =)

  44. Ames says:

    Great idea!

    Just be careful which essential oils you use around cats – most are highly toxic to them even when inhaled. I recommend googling the oils you plan to use to make sure they are ok for your fur ball :)

  45. Peter Dunn says:

    There is something else on the market that is also natural. In the USA it goes by the name Clear the Air or MultiFresh to name just two. The website link I’ve provided takes you to another. 100% natural mineral re-useable for evey completely safe around pets and children.

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  47. Donna E says:

    will give this a try, thanks!

  48. tina says:

    You can. Also find the oils at the dollar stores.I have in lavender. Rose carnation and a few others bit u can’t always find there but when I do I stock

  49. Sharmin says:

    What a great idea. We have 2 bedrooms in our finished basement, but the one that is completely underground gets a little musty sometimes, I’m going to try this out right now!

  50. Amy says:

    You can also use the left over baking soda mix with a bit of soap and water to clean your bathtub.

  51. pity add says:

    Cheapest essential oils that I have found: (not an ad!)

  52. […] via amanda on […]

  53. Missy says:

    I really love this idea, and since I have been migrating toward doing more DIY home products, this fits the bill. Thanks for sharing!

  54. shelli mills says:

    greatttt idea!!!

  55. bri says:

    someone mentioned that essential oils can be toxic to animals- here is a site that i found that lists the offenders. hope this helps!

  56. juanita says:

    This is a fabulous idea. I bought oils from walmart. Now I have one in my bedroom and the other in the bathroom. Thanks.

  57. Debra says:

    Seems like you could also use an old make-up powder container…it would already have the attachment with the small holes and you could re-seal it with the lid when you didn’t need it!

  58. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the cool idea – you could use flexible screen, tulle fabric or other holey items for a cover if it will be in a visible place

  59. Pamjoan says:

    Love this. It works great! I also use essential oils in my vaccum cleaner. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball and throw it in the canister after you empty it. Every time you vaccuum it makes your whole house smell lovely.

  60. Lauren says:

    i love everyones ideas!! especially putting essential oil in the air conditioning and in the vacuum! i’ll hafta try them….

  61. Beth says:

    Wonderful idea! How long does the scent usually last?

  62. I’m going to make some of this freshner, put it in some organza bags & hang them from a hanger in the closets, I am going to try Lemongrass EO & will try Rosehiip as welll. Martha Stewart had a contest asking for Baking Soda, so many ideas. Who knows, P&G may be in trouble!

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  64. hannah says:

    how long does a single batch last? anybody know?

  65. Cora says:

    I love doTERRA Oils and you can become a consultant for discounts!

  66. Samut says:

    hi hannah. mine lasted for a week. You can get more scent out of it when you shake it once in a while.

  67. Michelle says:

    I used inexpensive salt shakers from the dollar store (2 for $.97) works really well.

  68. juanita says:

    Have just made some for my home. I used baby food jars, as i have a few and don’t mind nailing some holes in them. I only had eucalyptus oil so i used that, it smells so fresh. Luv it!!!

  69. Shea says:

    Great idea! I use baking soda and essential oils in a variety of ways, but never thought of this! You can also use empty spray bottles, fill with water and drops of favorite essential oils, and use as room deodorant sprays. Non-toxic!

    I buy my essential oils when I am buying health items from Swanson’s online. They’re pretty reasonable even with a mailing charge, especially if you’re buying a number of things at once. (Not an ad, I just see that a few people didn’t know where to buy authentic essential oils.)

    I like lavender, peppermint, orange. Peppermint is also good for your homemade tooth powder (salt, baking soda, peppermint oil).

  70. Barb says:

    Great idea. I also cut a round peace of lace, a little larger than the lid and screwed on the jar ring only. Works great

  71. Rhonda Whitman says:

    I think you could refresh the baking soda by adding a bit more essential oil.
    Another air freshener i make with essential oil is to use white vinegar and water 50/50 then add orange essential oil. and this can also be used as a general cleaner as well.
    I buy my essential oils locally at Bolek’s Crafts in Dover, Ohio. they also sell online and have an extensive catalog, good prices and reasonable shipping. Most of the more common essential oils are $2.50. Here is a link (and no i dont work there or have any financial interest in them. I just know they have been around forever and you cant beat their prices. They sell wholesale to stores

  72. Gerine says:

    I love this idea! If it works for me, I won’t buy another one of those gel air fresheners. I also put a few drops of essential oil on my vacuum cleaner’s filters, so every time I vacuum, it gives a wonderful smell.

  73. Rose says:

    Fast air freshner is place some vanilla extract on a light bulb. Every time you turn it on, it smells like vanilla.

  74. Becky says:

    where do I get the oil for the room freshner?

  75. […] DIY Room Air Freshener The ridiculously easy instructions call for essential oil but I had extra perfume oil from Body Shop I’ve been contemplating tossing. So I used them here. I also used cheesecloth held on with the canning ring instead of poking holes in a top or using foil. It’s a faint smell so I have to shake the jar if the air really needs freshening but it’s easy and cheap so sure. I’d do it again. Bathtub Cleaner This did work but was certainly not the miracle I’m sure many other pinners were hoping for. (The pin actually links to another “tester” who had the amazing results you see in the picture below. I guess her tub started out a bit dirtier than mine!) It smelled (warm vinegar- yummy) but was easy enough to apply to the tubs. I waited a few hours and went back to wash off. The tub with the removable shower head was infinitely easier to clean, duh. But it did make the tubs shine.  Just had to rinse for awhile cause we have really soft water & I didn’t want anyone breaking their neck getting into the tub. Lemon Garlic Brussels Sprouts Pretty good. Kinda boring and I like my spouts a bit softer so I probably undercooked them or something. I guess I’m just addicted to my slow cooker sprout recipe. Still definitely not better Brussels sprouts recipe than this one – Very Best Brussels Sprouts EVER. Granted, not as pretty but seriously amazing. Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter Since I’m eating primal/Paleo, I’ve upped my nut butter intake. It’s used as a base in many of the things I bake. Mom gets me jars at Costco for a good price but this make it yourself might be the way I go instead! Honestly it would depend on the cost of raw almonds. I assume they’re cheaper than almond butter but you never know. This was so easy. Almonds + food processor. I did not add anything to this as the recipe calls for because the almonds I used were cinnamon covered and had sweetness to them. Ryan loves the finished product and eats it straight from the jar. 2012 Declutter & Organize Calendar If this post got me started in my House Organization Project, this one kicked it into overdrive! It’s got a ton of great daily ideas to declutter and organize your home. And she offers it all for FREE! I’m going through the entire year in a few months but it’s great to follow and she has ideas I wouldn’t have thought of. Highly recommend this if you’re looking to bite off small chunks and declutter your home once and for all! Currently working on- Menu Board Follow me on Pinterest to see what I’ll do next! Now get off the computer and get some stuff done people! Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

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  77. Charlotte says:

    Hi Lauren,

    I recently stumbled upon your site and did the mason jar matchbox with the strike-able lid and since then I’ve been hooked to your site! I recently made a batch of the air freshener and I’ve had to get used to the really mild scent it gives. I’ve just been so used to the commercial and chemical filled stuff. Now that I’m on my second batch I think it’s great and don’t know how I’ve lived with “other” kinds for so long…but thanks for giving me great ideas and projects to do around the house :)

  78. kiki says:

    To make the smell even stronger, place the jar on top of a radiator or any other source of heat.

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  80. Tim says:

    Love the idea. Showed my wife and she is on board. She loves the jar pictured. Where do you find that one?

  81. Lauren says:

    Hey Tim – There’s a link at the end of the post :)

  82. Tim says:

    Dang, I totally missed that. Thanks Lauren!

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  84. MJ says:

    Hej, been wanting to try this since we just moved into an house. But it only lasted a couple of days. :(
    Can’t I just add more drops of essential oil and reuse it?


  85. Ferne says:

    Love this idea! I was thinking though that you could use burlap and the jar ring for the top and it would look cute too! Sorry if someone already suggested it, but there are a lot of comments here so I couldn’t read through them all…

  86. leigh says:

    i found this tonight and made up three batches, one for the laundry room where the catbox is, one for the bath and one for the kitchen….smells wonderful, mine are sitting in little tart tins that i got at a second hand store, smells great and looks cute..thanks so much!!!

  87. ashley says:

    I just pinned this and was showing my hubby but complaining because we didn’t have any essential oils. He piped up and suggested using regular fragrance oil (we have plenty from Bath & Body Works) and it worked great! I have a few extra small mason jars so he just nailed 8 small holes in the lid. It works great! I did use a lot of drops of oil than suggested because we have an open kitchen/living room area. When the smell goes away, I will just shake it up and add a few more drops. Thanks for the idea!!

  88. Nicole says:

    You should us a cupcake holder under the screw part of the lid!! very pretty and doesnt wreck any thing

  89. Bob Saget says:

    Is there any need to use a lid?

  90. April says:

    Thank you, ready to try this now. Nice to not have to use the ones at the store.

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  92. Kathy says:

    Found mine at Walmart for $3.97

  93. […] originally saw this idea at The Burlap Bag and just knew I had to give it a try! The first place it is going is in our bedroom. We […]

  94. Beverly says:

    As a home builder’s wife and realtor I have to say that I have been told many times by reputable carpet people that putting baking soda or those carpet freshners on your carpet will cause the fibers to break down faster; therefore causing you to have to replace your carpet….I can tell you after assisting my hubby with a remodel for one of my clients and pulling up their carpet it was a nasty mess underneath the carpet and pad, there was A LOT of “granules” under the carper and pad it was pretty nasty looking!!

  95. yvonne says:

    Top your air fresheners with burlap and an elastic of raffia.

  96. Darlina P says:

    How long will it last before you should make another batch??

    ps-LOVE this DIY by the way!

  97. Julia Kelley says:

    I used some $1.00 salt shakers that look like a mini mason jar. I used essential oil and rock salt to make an air freshener. The salt seems to last a long time, and not absorb moisture as quick as baking soda does. I used clove oil in some baking soda, and put it into a container with holes in the top to use as a flea repellent on my rugs. I swept it into the rugs, and after a bit of time I ran the vacuum. It left a nice smell in the room. I did not want any left to possibly get stirred up and irritate my dog’s eyes and nose.

  98. Sherry varano says:

    Love this idea! I have to try this, because store bought air fresheners sometimes bother my allergies. Hopefully this won’t. Thanks for the good idea. :)

  99. Diana says:

    After the scent has gone away, the baking soda can be saved and used in making your homemade laundry soap and fabric softener, too. I love my essential oils!

  100. Sally says:

    You can buy small ‘cheese shaker’ glass jars with lids, I think I got mine at the $1 store. I am going to try a variation on this, as I have a suitcase with musty smell in it (vintage one) I plan to put the scent on a cotton pad in the jar, that way it doesn’t touch the fabric but the smell gets around inside the suitcase.

  101. Teresa says:

    I think a little piece of net with a rubberband would work also instead of the tinfoil over the top of the jar. Gonna try this

  102. Rose Siewert says:

    Great Idea, I am using this right now, thanks!

  103. Sarah says:

    I bought “highly fragranced warming oil” by mistake at Wallmart. Will this work as well, or should I get the essential oil instead???

  104. Robin says:

    I happen to have very high quality essential oils on hand as I used to work in a natural perfumery making custom scents. It’s really worth getting good quality oils. Look online AuraCacia is pretty good Aveda sells decent oils too.Whole foods or any local health food store even local farmers markets sometimes have beautiful oils.I tried this several days ago and it’s working wonderfully! So simple. I used a combination of Rosewood, Cedarwood and Sandalwood oil. I used about fifteen drops. It’s a subtle scent as you enter the washroom nothing overpowering. If it only is lasting two days maybe add more drops or get a better quality essential oil. Also if you’re used to fake chemicals that give a constant scent to your environment, it can take awhile to get used to actual air with little scents.

  105. Robin says:

    @ Sarah, it kind if defeats the purpose of living green if you buy a chemical scent such as a fragrance. Warming oil is a chemical fragrance and is probably a petroleum based product. Just saying…

  106. […] Source: […]

  107. Donna Marchlewski says:

    Ok, I am ready to try this!

  108. Tory says:

    After scent is gone just use it in the bath for a soak. Baking soda is a terrific relaxer!

  109. Pat says:

    Can you color the baking soda?

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  111. vickey saal says:

    you could use any kind of jar..

  112. Ella says:

    I use Almond extract in baking soda. The smell is very light and soothing. Sometimes I add a little bit of lemon zest. It’s a wonderful scent.

  113. Amy says:

    For a container I used an old baby food travel container that has a small pop top. I can shake it well, travel with it, and sprinkle it. Took it to work today to freshen up old carpets, it worked awesome!!

  114. Emma Ball says:

    Hobby lobby is having a glass sale this week! 50% off! Getting some jars!

  115. Trisha says:

    You could put a pretty lace doily on top and tie a ribbon on or weave it through the lace and tie on top of the mason jar!

  116. Carrie says:

    I am SO in love with this idea! I already use baking soda for so many things, a lot of which have been mentioned already… carpet freshener, stove top cleaner, bath & sink cleaner… gotta LOVE adding a beautiful fragrance to it! Thanks so much!!

  117. LAB says:

    Doing THIS today!!! I have cat “stank” too. LOL. Love my cats, but Jeeze! Wondering if there is a good way to put this in a sachet? Hmmmm….

  118. stacy says:

    just completed my new air freshener.
    thank you for the great, natural and cheap idea!
    i had an idea that i used on mine for the top.
    i cut a piece of burlap instead of foil and screwed the lid (without the top) to keep burlap attached. cuter than foil and appropriate, i thought.

  119. These glass containers are available at most wal-mart stores.

  120. Cheri says:

    I’m SO glad I found this! I’ve been working on developing some scents that don’t overpower my sensibilities. One of my other projects was making some of those cute “Redneck wine glasses” which I had painted with that cool antique mirror finish. I did a couple in pink with a pearliezed finish that I didn’t like, but they look good in the spa room. Well, nobody else liked the silver ones either, at least not at the local craft show I did. So, I had lots of pretty jars to use ;). Now I have musk in the foyer, almond in the utility room, lavender on the bedstead and euclyptus in the spa. I’m so happy I had to share! Hope I can handle the scents now!

  121. Wanda W says:

    I am thrilled with this idea, cant wait to try this, thanks for sharing. Brilliant!!

  122. Anne Harrison says:

    This works well in a very small room. My home is very open plan, so it doesn’t really work that well, however, I much prefer using essential oils than chemicals. I’m trying to find a way to make the fragrance spread throughout my home. I’ve tried using a small crockpot with water, but that doesn’t work very well either. I think I’m going to try sweet almond oil or sunflower oil with the essential oils. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what else to do..any ideas for really big rooms?!

  123. Great Idea~ doing it today.. all of your projects are wonderfully inspiring …. BIG THANKS!

  124. Irene Tomsic says:

    A good place to buy essential oils is from companies that sell supplies for making soap. Much cheaper than health food stores.

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  126. Tiff says:

    Good idea! If you wanted to pretty this powder up, you could add food coloring powder – such as pink, turquoise, etc.

  127. […] need something extra to help contain all the smells happening in my closed up house. I came across this super easy pin on Pinterest. I almost didn’t believe it could be this easy to make your own air […]

  128. […] There&nbspis an extremely simple and straightforward recipe for do-it-yourself place air freshener at The Burlap Bag. […]

  129. […] There&nbspis an really easy and effortless recipe for home made place air freshener at The Burlap Bag. […]

  130. Derris Lents says:

    Great idea, thanks!

  131. Sue says:

    Essential oils are available at Meijer grocery stores .

  132. I love this.

    Some thoughts. I won’t use cheap oils. They have chemicals in as well.

    I’ve heard of great ways to use oils for air freshener but this one is cool because it combines the scent and aroma properties of oil with the absorbing properties of baking soda. I’ve been taught to put baking soda in the freezers to absorb. I’ve never thought of oils!

    Great lid suggestions here too!

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  134. Walba Threadkiller says:

    I stopped to look at this because of the jar. I saw some in Walmart yesterday and was trying to think of a way to use them. This looks good.
    I have two cats and things get a bit smelly when I’m not able to be up and around.
    I think I’m going to try this, but use some vanilla extract, since I have some of the real stuff on hand and vanilla doesn’t seem to bother my COPD. I think I also have some peppermint. I just lack the baking soda, so I’ll have to wait until I get back to the store.
    Thank you for the wonderful idea, and thank all of you posters for adding to it.

  135. alexis says:

    Very funny and entertaining I must say. Great idea as well.

  136. […] I just take an empty peanut butter jar and poke a few wholes in the top.  Inside I add some baking soda and I add about 20 drops of my favorite essential oil.  I’m partial to lavender and to doTerra.  Young Living and Mountain Rose are excellent brands as well.  Here’s an awesome post that gives you the idea:  (complete and total credit to the Burlap Bag!  You can find the original post here: […]

  137. Eva Suzuki says:

    Hi, I shared this post on my site, I hope it’s okay. You can check it out here:

    Thank you so much!

    Eva Suzuki

  138. Teresa says:

    how long does this last?

  139. crafty grandma says:

    I put my baking soda in a querky crooked stem martini glass (was a gift), add a bit of essential oil and keep it on the window ledge of my bathroom. The sun heats it up in the afternoons and leaves it smelling nice at least until morning. When I take a shower, the humidity gets into it and once again it smells fresh. There are many other uses for baking soda…ie baking soda with lemon juice=make a face mask until hard, rinse…leaves your face nice and smooth and gets rid of acne! You can also dump the baking soda down your sink to keep it free-flowing.Loads of other uses on Pinterest
    As for the veggie part, any veggie that grows in the earth ie potatoes, can be regrown…also, take any pips ie from lemons, oranges, grapefruits or tangerines, stick them in earth water watch it grow!! leaves smell nice too…mine grew about 4 ft tall after several years. Mine had no fruit but some do produce fruit.

  140. Pattyo says:

    baking soda is used to absorb odors maybe thats why your scent is only lasting 2 days!!!! why not putting the oil on a bunch of cotton balls.It will last longer and you can refresh as needed.

  141. Kristin Maverick says:

    This is one of my favorites, I have a jar at home that is perfect for it. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while but I keep forgetting to buy the essential oils! I’m not sure where to buy them in Brazil but I’m sure I’ll find someplace. :)

  142. Dawn M says:

    I have seen this same idea all over the internet and Pinterest. It DOES NOT work for me I have put 1 in both bathrooms and my bedroom and nothing….. cannot smell anything…???? I don’t understand I even dumped it and tried again with even more EO and still don’t smell it unless I pick it up and put it to my nose!!! LOL OMG IDK why im having this issue. I have a candle warmer and when its on and the candle is all melted I add some EO to make the fragrance stronger. That works but I’m not going to do that for every room.

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  144. Aliza says:

    This is genius! I was looking for something to do with myold essential oils and this takes the cake, thanks!

  145. Courtney Fielding says:

    This looks really convenient. Can’t wait to try it.

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  147. Cindy says:

    I had an idea for your DIY air freshener idea.
    I do not know if these are sold everywhere or not but there the small single serving size containers that have the lids with holes already in them. They are chef boy ar d (sp?) or hormel chili or soups…. They have a lid with holes already in the lid. You remove the holed lid, remove and toss the foil/paper piece that seals the contents, put the holed lid back on and microwave it. Most people throw these cups and lids away.
    They are relatively inexpensive as long as you do not use them often.
    There are different colored lids depending on which product you buy. All the cup parts are plain white as far as I know. I like to use the lids for holding wet items to dry and not leave a puddle in the bottom (small soaps, sponges, sos pads that type of thing). Now I have another use for them. :-)

  148. Tearie says:

    I loved this idea and it was so easy for my grands to make! I also switched to paper muffin covers and a ribbon they looked so cute! In the winter i do door sachets hung on the doorknob of bedrooms everytime the door is opened or closed it refreshes(GOOD FOR THE TEEN BOY DOOR)

  149. Patricia Webster says:

    I just put Baking Soda on coffee filter paper and put all around the house and also under the seat in my car. No odor. But, I do like the idea of essential oil for fragrance.

  150. Natalie says:

    There are some super cute lids for mason jars that have a Daisy cutout. I found some at a vintage store but they are also on Amazon.

  151. Sherry says:

    Use scrapbook paper with holes poked in it instead of the metal seal. Then it looks cute as well as smells great!

  152. Great idea! If you can still find those cutout paper doilies, that might be a cute idea to put over the top of your jars or containers. You will just need to be sure they are big enough to fit and then tie with a ribbon or colorful rubber-bands!

  153. Fantastic idea!!!! I will definitely share this with readers at Art of Wellness. :) Plus, I love the comment about using it as a carpet deodorizer.

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  155. Dian says:

    I use this in cat rescue (very stinky) but cut a piece of screen and put it over top then screw ring on, works great.

  156. DUSTIN says:

    What a refreshing smell to help you relax! I have to admit I use a coffee cup for my first try though.

  157. Deb says:

    I have been doing this for quite some time now and it’s so easy and inexpensive. I don’t put any lid on it as I live alone and no pets so it’s great.
    When my grandchildren came to visit last week I let them pick the scent they wanted.

  158. Leah says:

    If you are concerned about using natural ingredients and avoiding chemicals, be sure you’re buying real *100% Pure Essential Oil*. It must say that on the label. There are a lot of misleading products out there. “Pure Oil” is one of them. You won’t find true EOs at the dollar store or Walmart. You can find them at any health food store or even places like Vitamin Shoppe carry some.

  159. Elena says:

    I do this but I use it for more than just air freshening. I use 4 drops of neem oil and EO’s that mosquitos don’t like (ie clove, mint, lavender, basil, lemon, lime etc) and it really does work! Not only does my house smell great, it really does keep most of the mozzies away!!!

    I make really strong ones to put near the door to my patio and garden that I leave open all the time for my dogs. Just before evening mosquito hour, I give them a shake to revive the scent and add more oils if needed.

  160. Terra says:

    I make all my own bath and skin products so I literally have over 50 glass baby food jars that I use to hand out samples and those should work great! I also always at least 3 different essential oils on hand and a 6 pound bag of baking soda so I can go make a ton of these right now! Great idea! Thanks for posting it! :)

  161. Christine says:


  162. Judy says:

    the banner does look like it’s moving….that’s the first thing I noticed when the page loaded!!
    Have a houseful of dogs & it gets rank at times especially when they are wet

  163. […] air freshener is perfect because it’s cheap and easy, check out The Burlap Bag for the original post. I like that it’s so easy to change your scents with the seasons, or […]

  164. Mrs.Schenck says:

    Read the recipe, read some reviews, made the air freshener all in less than 5 minutes. Now I’m writing this comment while enjoying the scent of jasmine. Ahhh…

  165. Santresa says:

    How long does the scent last & can you refresh it like the crystal potpourri?

  166. jrsp says:

    I’m a distributor for Young Living Essential oils if anyone is interested. They are pure therapeutic grade and are so versatile!

  167. lhimalcolm says:

    You could also cut a piece of lace in a circle and tie it with ribbon for the lid. PRETTY!

  168. ecvwidder says:

    LOVE this idea!!! I have some empty diced pimento jars that i needed a project for! I used the original lid & poked holes in it. I used Jasmine & White Gardenia reed diffuser oil because its what I had on hand without having to run to the store. It’s a light fragrance to start with so I put in a little more than what you suggested. It worked!! I get my reed diffuser oil at the dollar store. My next jar will be made with Apple & Cinnamon reed diffuser oil for the holidays!!!

  169. Sarah Draper says:

    I use the same mixture on my mattress’ and it works as a great room air freshener also. It’s great.

  170. Erin I says:

    This is an amazing idea! Thank you for sharing this!

  171. Lauren says:

    Would it work with extract (vanilla extract or almond extract) instead of essential oil?

  172. Carolan Ivey says:

    Instead of foil you could simply re-use a lid that you would have normally discarded after opening a home-canned jar of vegetables.

  173. Mozelle McBain says:

    An empty plastic parmesan cheese container works great. You already have the holes for the shaker.

  174. Mozelle McBain says:

    An empty plastic parmesan cheese container works great. You already have the holes for the shaker.

  175. nikki2358 says:

    Oooooooh yeeeah! I use baking soda to wash my hair, so after I’m done with this I can use it as my shampoo! I think you could just keep adding a few drops of the oil each time the smell fades – I don’t think you need to renew the soda each time. I wonder too if the smell would hold better if you just put a small piece of cloth in the jar with some drops of essential oil on it… I feel like the BS might have some effect of absorbing the good smells along with any less delighting odors. So this might be an idea if you are simply wishing to add a nice smell to a room and don’t need to remove any bad odours.

  176. RobyGiup says:

    Love this idea, I’m gonna make it this very evening! :)

  177. Debra says:

    Thankfully, I hadn’t thrown out the tea cups to the crockery set my Mum used ‘for best’. I put the baking soda and orange essential oil in a tea cup and it looks so pretty. With essential oils, please buy a quality brand. Inferior quality can give you headaches.

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  179. Hi there!

    What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of spring cleaning crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!

  180. Cora Blue says:

    Love this idea. As soon as I saw it, I went into my kitchen, grabbed an empty Nature’s Place Organic Black Pepper glass shaker. The bottle is square shaped with rounded edges. Quite attractive as smaller, glass jars go. After a thorough cleaning and drying, I opened my new box of baking soda, pored in up to a little over half, and added in my Eucalyptus Essential Oil, secured the plastic pre-holed top, then the tin one. Shake, shake, shake! Opened the free pour part of the plastic top as well. Now it smells like I have a Eucalyptus tree in my home! DELIGHTFUL! Merci, Burlap Bag! Great share!

  181. Penny Spires says:


  182. margaret. lynch says:

    Does bicarbonate of soda work the same?

  183. Gracilu says:

    Family Dollar has candles in that size mason jars for $1.00. My hubby brought me many so I saved them, knowing I’d see some good way to reuse them. So I get a good smelling candle then make my own good smelling air freshener!

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  185. Diana says:

    You can buy a variety of essential oils at

  186. Katrina says:

    You can just add more essential oil every few days.

  187. I found a glass grated cheese container (lid already has holes in it) at the Dollar Tree for $1.00

  188. […] week I decided to make my own air fresheners! I got this great idea from a Pinterest post by  It’s a pretty simple tutorial. I got tired of buying extensive air fresheners and candles. […]

  189. Jennifer says:

    You can get essential oils at arts and craft stores. I know Michaels and A.C. Moore have % off coupons almost every week.

  190. Cynthia says:

    Did anyone suggest using a piece of cloth with the canning jar?

  191. There are some awesome ideas here!

    Nice info. I have been looking for

  192. Bonita says:

    FYI the top of the Parmesan Cheese shaker fits on a regular mason jar top.
    Baking soda IS Bicarbonate of Soda;
    Baking powder is not the same thing;
    juices or vanilla extracts don’t contain any oils so the evaporation rate is much higher, and would dissolve the baking soda.
    Another hint – pour some vinegar into a jar and place it in a hidden place. The vinegar scent will dissipate and leave your room smelling fresh. Especially good when you have cooked fish. Also wash out your cooking pan with vinegar after fish and it will be nice and fresh.
    Thanks for this tip – I am going to make this tonight!

  193. This is really usefull for me as am seem allergic with chemically fragrant which keep me headache..thanks

  194. I’ve just done this, I used peppermint oil as spiders don’t like the smell of peppermint, so fingers crossed it works!

  195. Suz says:

    Great idea, just wondering if this could be used in the car? Maybe mixing it and putting the mixture in a cloth bag to throw under the seat?

  196. Amber says:

    What can i use that i may have in my kitchen instead of the essential oils

  197. Joyce Williams says:

    Thank you for this. Since I have several oils,I am going to do this quickly and place it around the house. Time saving things are really for me. Rosemary enhances brain function.

    If you are troubled with fruit flies, here is a very effective and simple solution;is iw
    I place about 1 oz. of red wine vinegar/ACV or other vinegar (not the cheap white one) in a small jar/bowl and add one drop of dish soap (other soaps may work). Apparently the soap is said to break the surface tension of the water. Cover this with plastic film, secure it with an elastic band and poke holes in it.

    (We eat lots of fruit.)

    You can strain or spoon out the flies, if you want to, and re-use the m. mixture.

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  199. […] A próxima experiência será criar um ambientador (barato e amigo do ambiente), como este. […]

  200. Jayne says:

    I have 2 cats in the house and pet smell is something that we always wish weren’t there. Essential oil + baking soda. Hmmm… Sounds like really simple but workable idea. I wonder if it will outlast those scent stick and if it does, how much longer will it be? For now, i’ll try putting the oil in my Dyson animal vacuum and see how much that will help.

  201. Norine says:

    To make the mason jar pretty foR the bedroom cut a circle of lace or sparkly netting and attach to the jar with a hairtie or rubber band add ribbon. Also makes a nice gift just add instructions.

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  203. Ryan says:

    Trying to replace expensive candles and room fresheners and found this to be both effective and a great safe project for my 5 year old. She got to pick her scent and play with the baking soda. I had issues with the scent actually filling the room though, and after much trial and error, the best solution we settled on was to screw a layer of cheese cloth onto the jar and trim off the excess – throwing out the lid part. Then just used some twine to tie a nice bow around it. Actually looks so good I may gift a few – and all for pennies. I do give it a little shake every day or two but after a few visitors said “wow, what is that good smell” I realized that I just get used to the scent and it is actually much stronger than I think it is. Anyway – thanks this was a lot of fun!

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  205. Barb Stapf says:

    I have a pine cone that I picked up somewhere that I set on the end of a towel bar in the bathroom. I sprinkle essential oil directly on it. It works great and nothing gets dirty; it looks nice and smells terrific.

  206. lashawn says:

    hobby lobby sells essential oils and walgreens

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