Re-Grow Celery by planting the base!

March 30, 2012 by Lauren


Cut off the celery base. About 2-3 inches from the bottom? Use all the other celery in some yummy soups, for pb&celery, chicken salad (oooh, especially since now you know how to shred your chicken in 30 seconds!) Put it in a small hole with the cut side facing up.

And cover it with dirt. Then water it. Check on it daily and water it if it looks like it’s thirsty. Soon it will GROW! And then you can just cut off a stalk or two whenever you need one!! Mine isn’t big enough to eat yet… i’ll let ya know when that happens…. and then what happens after that! I assume it’ll keep growing new stalks but I really haven’t a clue.

My photo at the top was after 2 weeks…. so it does like to take it’s sweet time growing. But hey, I haven’t killed it yet! Anyone else terrible at keeping plants alive?

So – go plant your celery. This can go on your list of “pinterest projects that I’ve actually tried!” All your friends will think you are so smart.


  1. Karen D. says:

    This really cool. I am now inspired to go into the kitchen and get me a celery base and plant it. I never knew this. I think my girls would get a kick out of this to. Thanks for the info.

  2. Holy moley!! This is so cool! I have celery in my fridge right now and am totally planting this in my garden once I’m finished with it. Thanks for sharing — I had no idea!

  3. Greg Wosnum says:

    It really works I’ve got 4 in the ground and there growing good.I was a little skeptical but they really do work. thanks for the idea. greg

  4. Jenni says:

    This is really cool! How about an update! How is it growing now? Have you cut some off and found out whether or not it still keeps growing?!

  5. Lauren says:

    Jenni – after a couple of weeks of them growing and me cutting them and them growing again, I trashed them. I should’ve stuck them in the ground! But every time Ibuy green onions, I shall do it again! It’s a great way to get at least 2 more “lives” out of them!

  6. ROSE says:

    you can also re grow garlic cloves, ginger root, and sweet potatoes.

  7. Meghan says:

    Amazing! Since living in an apartment, do you think it’s possible to pot plant these?

  8. Lauren says:

    Meghan, I’d imagine so! But you’ll hafta try and see!

  9. Lychee says:

    This totally works! I cut the end off of my celery and planted it about a week and a half ago. Yesterday my room mate asked me what the heck the little growth at the end of our garden was, and sure enough it was the celery nub!

    I didn’t think this would work since I left the celery bottom uncovered in the fridge for two days so it got kind of floppy and wilty, but I figured what the heck. It still worked! How awesome is that!

  10. Mary says:

    Hey Rose, how do you regrow garlic? I would love to know. Thanks!

  11. deepinthe sevenotwo says:

    I tried it, it worked surprisingly, and smelled really good.

  12. grover says:

    I had no idea you could do this. Very cool.

  13. Joanna says:

    I am wondering… Can I plant this now since it is fall? I am preparing to plant garlic, etc soon….

  14. Allison says:

    I just planted garlic from a supplier-Fall is supposed to be the right time. Word is grocery store garlic is often sprayed with chemicals that inhibit sprouting and even if it does grow it tends to be disappointing.
    I’m going to try the celery thing though!

  15. Judy says:

    Pictured near your celery (lower right corner), is a beautiful herb called Cleavers. It should grow back in spring. Hang some up to dry (it clings like Velcro) and makes a nice tea. According to internet searches, Cleavers is soooo helpful. Look it up! It can also be found with it’s picture on the box in the herb tea isle of your local healthfood store. But hey, why buy… you’re growing it!

  16. Lynne says:

    I tried this with celery and leeks. The celery started to grow, got about 4″ tall, then rotted. The leeks are still growing well. I’m going to try it with lettuce next. Thanks for the tip!

  17. Lise Sculland says:

    can also grow an attractive trailing vine for a planter by immersing the bottom of a sweet potato. Grows fast.

  18. Danielle says:

    Beet greens! Plant your uneaten beets and get beet greens (potassium-rich) for months. I discovered this after finding a literally months-forgotten tupperware of beets in the back of my fridge – they weren’t moldy, and they had sprouted some baby leaves. I planted them and enjoyed fresh beet greens for months.

  19. Andrea says:

    did this…and it is now growing in my garden!

  20. Melba castagna says:

    Wow ,I’m gonna try this. I hear you can do that with the stump of a pineapple

  21. Joliene Wright says:

    Rooted my celery in water in kitchen, in spring. When warm enough planted in pot on deck. Growing very slow . Has a lot of nice leaves but nothing on stocks big enough to eat. How long before you can harvest?

  22. Lauren Helen says:

    I usually root them in water indoors first, but I love telling my friends that I do this, they always are so surprised that it’s possible! :)

  23. randy says:

    Very cool But now my mind goes a little further ……..What if you already were growing celery why not just cut the stalks entirely off from the ground and Not disturb the end with the roots? Would you have celery that never stops producing??

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