Keep Matches in a Mason jar – with a Strikeable Lid!

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I saw an awesome idea for storing matches in a mason jar – using sandpaper as the lid so you can light the matches. Credit where credit is due – awesome idea!

So we had to do it. It’s a super easy project. And the mason jar is perfect for taking camping or for just lookin’ pretty. Basically: put STRIKE ANYWHERE matches in a jar. Strike-on-the-box matches won’t work. Cut the sandpaper to the shape of the mason jar. (We put a firm piece of paper under it so the sandpaper doesn’t push down when a match is struck.)

Of course, we had to take it one step further by creating a hole in the lid so you can easily get the matches out! Who wants to unscrew a lid every time you want to light a candle? I sure don’t. Yeah, I get that tired by the end of the day. Sue me.

And…. FIRE! You might need to replace the paper after awhile. It will wear down with strikes.

Enjoy! And please suggest any potential projects you’d like to see or have seen somewhere else but are afraid to try! We have no fear… of failure.

Also, here’s some strike-anywhere matches if you weren’t able to find any locally! (it took us awhile to find some in Austin!)
and these are the cute jars we used :)



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