Chalkboard Time lapse – Austin Texas I love you

May 26, 2012 by Lauren

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Well. Something awesome happened. Someone other than Lauren and Josiah has drawn on the chalkboard. It was the amazing Kathy Phan of KathyPhantastic. She wrote “Austin Texas I love you” sooo lovely…. and we took pictures THE ENTIRE TIME! (well, our camera was set to take one every 10 seconds. There’s no way I was standing there that whole time!) We created a time lapse so you can watch the master at work!

We posted a sneak peek on instagram yesterday for those who follow us on there – (p.s. we just joined instagram this week! we’re @theburlapbag)

ok ok I won’t make you wait anymore: Here’s the time lapse of Kathy drawing on our chalkboard!

and here’s the artist with her work! So awesome – one might even say, “phantastic!”

A thousand thanks to Kathy Phan! Everyone go like her Kathy Phantastic facebook page! She also makes awesome cake pops, does prop styling, visual merchandising and window displays, and loves custom orders! Here it is in our window – ignore the glare plzzzz.

(p.s. we just redid our sponsor page! there’s a new option for just one week of advertising… and it’s cheap cheap!)


  1. tresa says:

    I KNEW you were Texan!!!!! I’m new to your blog, but I love it!!

  2. Lauren says:

    hahah knew i was texan? by my snarky charm? :)

  3. esther says:

    This looks awesome! I know Kathy from undergrad, and she’s so talented!

  4. Marilyn Z says:

    Amazing talent and as a fellow Texan, I am very envious since I want one.

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