easy homemade brown sugar

May 30, 2012 by Lauren

That picture describes it all. You need:

1 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of molasses (mine was a heaping tablespoon! If you want dark brown sugar, put in 1.5ish tablespoons.)

And just mix them together! You can just use a fork. It’ll look scary in the beginning and you’ll think that it will never come out right. BUT IT WILL! Just keep mixin. I actually used my kitchen aid mixer and then a fork to get out super small chunks.

 And then you’ll have fluffy and fresh brown sugar!

I even did the math – a 2 lb bag of brown sugar costs $1.83
and 2 lbs of white sugar + 2 tbsp of molasses costs $1.32
that’s 50 whole cents I’m saving. woohoo. That money can go towards that helicopter you’ve been eyeing.

Keep it in a sealed container … or just make when you need it for a recipe!

This tip was given to us by a kind blog reader, Ming! Many thanks, Ming! It. is. so. awesome. Kinda bummed I didn’t know about it before now! Well, now I know, and now all of you do too!


(p.s. a bonus photo for those of you who stuck around this long. just a note:

do not pour molasses into a tablespoon and try to take pictures of it all by yourself while josiah is eating cereal and not able to help. you will have molasses EVERYWHERE.

the end.)



  1. Ming says:

    AWESOME! Thanks and keep up the good work! XD

  2. Shawna Greenway says:

    Brilliant! I am constantly running to the store in the middle of making cookies because I never have brown sugar and when I buy it, I buy it in the bulk section and buy just enough for whatever recipe I have. yeah, I’m dumb like that! With BBQ season coming up, I may need to stock up on sugar and molasses.

    PS – We’re coming to Austin in October the weekend after ACL so we’ll definitely stop by your store.

  3. Lauren says:

    :) glad you will never run out of brown sugar again!
    (p.s. yes, please come by the store! and say hi while you’re in!)

  4. Rachael says:

    Oh wow, this is the best.tip.ever. Here in Geneva, I can only buy super expensive imported brown sugar at about $8 a kilo (plus the $5 in bus fares to get to the one and only store in town that stocks it) so I really will be able to save up for that helicopter!

    Thank you! :D

  5. Lauren says:

    ah rachael, awesome!! so glad it can save you money so you can get that helicopter. ha!

  6. Marica Jettli says:

    What percent vinager is used for the all purpose cleaner?

  7. Mykell says:

    I seriously haven’t bought brown sugar from the store in A-G-E-S!! The homemade version is so much more beautiful and fluffy…plus, my husband LOVES molasses on his toast so it’s a bonus to keep around…except for the mess he makes with it! But that’s half the fun, right? Right? ;o)

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