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December 6, 2012 by Lauren


Outfab is awesome. We’ve used them at least THREE times for custom cut projects and each one was turned out amazing!

And through The Burlap Baggy bloggy, they are giving away a free unit of laser cutting service! (that’s a 12×12 piece of birch wood cut into whatever you want, or a 12×6 piece of fancy acrylic, or a 12×8 custom stencil, or other “unit” options!) Plus 25 minutes worth of helping you design something fantastic.
So you get to create AWESOME designs and get them cut out! This isn’t a giveaway for the ring or anything you see here in the photos – they are just examples of what cool projects you could come up with :)

We created a vector file in Illustrator with our designs… you can do etching/engraving, and then wood cutting for separate pieces. There are free programs out there too that will help you create vectors. Last time we used Outfab for something, we were able to fit on a 12×12 unit of birch: 12 wood pieces for magnets, 2 personalized NAMETAGS!, and one huge OPEN sign for the shop! So many amazing things squeeeeeezed into one unit. Photos below: 

Josiah and I with our sweet custom nametags at Renegade Craft Fair two weeks ago. Ignore our creepy smiles, it was a long weekend.

The Burlap Bag birch magnets! We gave these away at our first birthday party and at other events.

And our OPEN sign!

We’ve also had them cut:

-a bazillion wood and acrylic rings for The Burlap Bag’s first birthday party!

-a stencil so we could paint our Burlap Bag logo onto some…. wait for it… burlap bags.

 The wood is our favorite material for lasercutting – and it smells amazing afterwards! You can also sand the wood to give it different effects. The other materials are sweet too – the stencil we made was PERFECT and can be used endlessly.


We have 6 different ways you can enter this giveaway for one free unit of lasercutting + 25 minutes of help setting up your file. Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry… so if you do all 6, you should leave us 6 comments here! If you leave them all in one comment we will NOT count them as multiple… it gets too crazy with +100 comments!

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-Option 6: Tell us what YOU’D do if you won this free lasercutting! A cute sign for your home, little magnets for your business, etc.


ITS OVERRRRRRRRRRR. The giveaway officially ends January 4th, 2013  at 1:00pm central time.


  1. Esmeralda Casanova says:

    I found the Burlap Bag on Pinterest and have been following you since! You have clever ideas and I like that you are local….I hope I can get a piece of Austin with this very cool ring :)

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    I already subscribe to your newletter and look forward to seeing your great stuff-especially your chalk “welcome” signs!

  11. Tami Walker says:

    If I win, I’d make a T+S sign for my partner for our anniversary!

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    I also liked Outfab…and shared their page with my hubby who might be interested in them for his business!

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  20. Sharon says:

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  21. Sharon says:

    #6 – I would try to find some deep, meaningful, all-encompassing quote to etch on wood and post up in my house to uplift my spirits every time I see it. Or, when I’m unable to find such a quote, I’d just find something funny to make me laugh :)

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    I just liked Outfab on Facebook. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  32. Debbie says:

    If I won the custom lazer cutting I think I would like to design some jewlery, maybe a matching set of earrings, necklace and bracelet. But I may change my mind and make refridgerator magnets to give away to friends and family. But them again I might decide to……..??? I’m not sure what I would do. I’ll figure that out if I win. Thanks for sharing this prize with us and I’m glad to hear you business is doing well. It’s always good to see a new business make it.

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    -Option 5: “Like” Outfab on facebook! Then tell us here.

    -Option 6: Tell us what YOU’D do if you won this free lasercutting! A cute sign for your home, little magnets for your business, etc.

  52. Sami Solbrig says:

    I am signed up for your newsletter (practically lived off the two ingredient vegan friendly bannana balls for a while), left a comment on one of your other posts(on facebook!)Liked you on Facebook. Liked Outfab on Facebook. Follow you on pintrest (Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.)Also follow you on instagram. Kinda obsessed. Keep up the good work.

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    I begin making handcrafted accessories when I was in my junior year of college. I would make them as gifts and I eventually begin selling them by marketing them on Etsy and Facebook. Once I graduated this past May I had to put my accessories on hold as I got into the swing of being in the real world. Now that I have somewhat settled in, I am ready to get AK Moné, the name under which i sell the accessories, back up and running. I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work over the past few months, so I am ready to get the ball rolling once again. If I win I would love to have little rings that say AK Moné on them that I could give away to friends as marketing tools, or a sign to take with me when I attend craft fairs!

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