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DIY Projects & Life Hacks

life hacks:
Grow green onions in water
How to multiply by 9 using your fingers
Put a mason jar on your blender
Re-grow celery by planting the base
Shave the pills off your clothes
Store bobby pins in a tic tac container
Use a carrot to transport knives
Use a squeegee to gather fuzz/fur/hair

make your own:
All purpose cleaner
Dishwasher detergent
Goo gone
Laundry detergent
Liquid soap
Room air freshener
Smelly markers

projects & tutorials:
Book clock
Branch curtain rods
Branch necklace holder
Earring holder (from a hanger or letterpress tray!)
Heart garland & jewelry from dollhouse minis
Kitchen art & fork bracelet
Matches in a mason jar –  with a strikeable lid
Powdered sugar shaker
Spice shaker
Thumb-controlled watering can

other tips
6 tips for a bad blog
Cutting and dying your own hair
The 4 P’s to selling your items to a shop


Food Tips & Tricks

cooking/prep tricks:
De-seed a pomegranate in under a minute
Drinks for a picnic in mason jars
Freeze extra coffee in ice cube trays
Freeze extra herbs
How to cut a mango
Make “hard boiled” eggs in the oven
Separate an egg yolk from the white with a bottle
Shred chicken fast in a mixer

make your own ingredients:
Brown sugar
Garlic powder
Ground cinnamon
Onion flakes
Powdered sugar
Vegetable broth

Basic raw oats
Extreme caprese salad
Fresh quinoa salad
Homemade breath mints
Honey mustard chex mix
Overnight bread and butter pickles
The 2-ingredient cookie
The autumn 2-ingredient cookie
The summer 2-ingredient cookie

Funny chalkboard signs in the window at our retail shop:
A friend told me I was delusional…
Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn.
Austin, Texas – I love you. (chalkboard time lapse video)
OCD: Obsessive Cat Disorder
Don’t grow up – it’s a trap
Doorbell broken – yell ding dong really loud
Got glue?
I spend 500% of my life exaggerating
If you say gullible slowly, it sounds like oranges
Impulse shoppers wanted
Resolutions for the new year: Buy local, buy handmade
Texas – and everybody else
Unattended children will be given a redbull and a kazoo
Unless you sell thinmints, no soliciting

The Lowe Life 

A video
2012 review

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